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A wiki is a web system that provides you with a simple way to allow group members and managers to contribute and modify content themselves. It can be a very powerful tool for collaboration.

Editing pages

Any page on a wiki can be edited – simply click the “Edit this page” button below, and you will be able to modify and format the text you see here.

Creating pages

Creating new pages is very straightforward – all you have to do is link to them by enclosing the title in double square brackets. Writing “[[about]]” will create a link to the page at http://groupspaces.com/imperialentrepreneurs/wiki/about, whether it exists or not! Links to pages that don't yet exist will appear red, so you can easily find them.

Another way to create a page is just to go there – going to http://groupspaces.com/imperialentrepreneurs/wiki/mypage will allow you to create that page, and then you can link to it from anywhere else.


Finally, a quick reminder: wikis keep a history of every edit made to a page, and allow you to see all previous versions. This version of your start page is special and won't appear in the page history unless you save it though!

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