IM'ers Risking Brain Damage According To Sleep Deprivation Effects Report

The Sleep deprivation effects of pulling all nighters could... apparently be doing more damage than you think?!?

It’s part of working online – there is always something to do, always a new idea to follow, something new to study… more money to be made…

But a recent study by some folks at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School found that when messing around with some cute little mouse sleep routines there were some very serious sleep deprivation effects that became apparent.

When the mice lost a little sleep, nerve cells reacted by making more of a protein, called sirtuin type 3, to energize and protect them.

But when losing sleep became a habit, that reaction shut down. After just a few days of “shift work” sleep, the cells start dying off at an accelerated pace.

So how do we balance everything and not destroy our brains in the process?!?

Maybe you are jugging multiple jobs, maybe you have to do shift work – or, like me… you work from home and just enjoy the peaceful stillness of the middle of the night.

Well, I’m not sure what the solution is right now, but they are studying it some more so it will be interesting to follow.

In the meantime – here are some tips that I use when things are hectic, jugging launch time or in the midst of a super productive spurt that requires going without going bonkers over sleep deprivation effects, that well… yup – can make you go a little mad if you let it.

btw… it was also helpful when I had my babies… lol, funny what kid’s will teach ya!

Scale back your commitments where possible

If you are planning a launch during stocktake season at work, well… don’t.  Sure, it’s important to push the boundaries of what we can do – but be realistic too.  We tend to set our own dates and then work like crazy people to meet the deadlines, just how Soren, John and I work – but… even though things get crazy, it’s never physically enough to totally break us (yet… lol) – deadlines are good, but don’t make them at the expense of killing yourself over it!

Watch your alcohol, caffeine and sugar intake

There is a massive culture of drinking, eating poorly and overdosing on energy drinks and caffeine drinks to keep up, stay up and be epic and all that… but when it comes to it, (sorry to go all mum on you), eating healthy, drinking lots of water and watching your sugar intake will have you thinking clearer and working better on everything.  I know, doing launches might be more fun while drunk… lol, but apparently it’s not good for you and stuff.

Take naps when possible

One of my biggest life savers for my sanity when going without sleep for a long period of time (with the birth of my kids), was to stop counting the hours of sleep I was missing out on.  I ended up stressing myself out, was always looking and feeling tired, barely functioning… until, i made a seemingly simple mindshift of just going with what I had – and, if I had a chance to grab a 30 min nap some time… then grabbing it.

Work with your body, rather than against it. 

You know yourself better than anyone.  We all have a certain amount of motivation and willpower given to use each day, so you need to work out at what time you are energetic and buzzing with ideas – and what time you feel a bit sluggish… So, if you are a morning person, then smash out a ton of work in the morning and then in the afternoon, when you have a bit of a down time, plan some kind of activity that gets you out of the house, or away from work, get some fresh air… whatever, don’t waste your time starting at a blank screen.

Anyway, have you had to deal with sleep deprivation effects?  Have you got IM tips that you could share – that you use to cope with lack of sleep that we could use, at least until the mouse testing people can sort out a medicine to repair our smashed up neurones?

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