iNLP Center Deep Dive Webinar: The Quad Map

This week the iNLP Center will host a deep dive webinar for existing students. The subject will be the Quad Map, as pictured below.

What is the Quad Map?

The Quad Map is a coaching model  - a lens though which coaches may locate a client’s attention. Which which perspective is the client speaking? There are four options according to the Quad Map.

1. Associated Past: Speaking from a historical point of view that you are reliving.

2. Dissociated Past: Talking about the past from an observer perspective.

3. Associated Future: Speaking from a future point of view (or anticipatory pov) that causes feelings in the present.

4. Dissociated Future: Talking about the future from a big picture (observer) perspective.

No Right or Wrong Point of View

There is not right or wrong point of view on the Quad Map. The relevant question is, “How useful is. your current point of view, given your desired goal?”

If you’re living in regret (past dissociated) how does that serve you? Would you be better off moving to a dissociated perspective? What would happen if you did? 

If you’re out of touch with the joys you’ve experienced in life, would you be better off associating with past joyful experiences?

When the future scares you, would it serve you to step back and look at the big picture?

An uninspiring future, why not associate with what you have planned?

Each quadrant on the map is only right insofar as it’s useful. All the quadrants can serve a purpose under varying circumstances.

Two questions to ask as a coach or client:

1. Where am I on the Quad Map right now?

2. Where should I be, given how I want to feel and act?

The Keys to the Quad

When you're stuck:
The key is knowing where you are in the moment. Simply becoming aware of this will cause you to step back mentally and evaluate your present mindset. At this point you will enter a realm of increased choice about your perspective.

The proactive approach: Use the Quad Map to think about how you're going to think about something (thinking outside the box). This might look like:

I'm going to set some goals. First, I'll review my past for goals that might be relevant. Then, I'll look at my future from a big picture perspective and brainstorm. Finally, I'll discover which goals are most exciting. 

The pattern:

1. Past Dissociated
2. Future Dissociated
3. Future Associated

I need to solve a problem. First, I'll look at it from a distance to discover what I can learn. Then, I'll imagine applying what I learn in the future, to find out if I've learned the right lesson.

The pattern:

1. Past Dissociated
2. Future Dissociated

Ideas for Life Coaches in Training

• How to recognize where clients are on the map
• How to move clients from one box to another

The Power of Perspective

Check out this breast cancer survivor's story, especially the last line of it. Doesn't this testify to the power of perspective? It's a Quad Map thing:)

iNLP Center students can register here. (Registration closes Thursday, August 9th at 3 PM PST).


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