Inner Dynamic (Parts) Coaching Certification Outline

The iNLP Center Inner Dynamics Coach Certificaiton is moving ahead nicely. Here is an outline of the course.

Week 1: Finding the Real You

Levels of Consciousness

• Safety Consciousness
• Mindful Consciouness
• Cosmic Consciousness

The Stimulus is your Response

The Self always operates with Mindful Consciousness

Parts typically operate in Safety Consciousness, yet would be interested in Mindful Consciousness if they knew it was safe.

What are parts?

• Brief history of parts
• How We Decide
• Parts and NLP

What is the Self?

 Which part of me is this? I am here. Recognize Mindful Consciousness
Report: Complete the survey

Week 2: Establishing the Self I: Associating and Dissociating with Parts


Degrees of separation

Exercise: Recognize hijacks and dissociate. 

Week 3: Self as Healer: The Process (Overview)

Overview of the Healing Process

1. Identify and Goal and Obstacle
2. Identify and Dissociate with the Parts in Play
3. Communicate with Protective Parts
4. Identify vulnerable Parts
5. Heal vulnerable Parts
a. Establish Self as Healer
b. Understanding and witnessing
c. Identify positive intention
d. Invite ongoing contact
e. Transform vulnerable into a healthy role
f. Tranform protective parts into health roles
e. Maintain new inner dynamic 

Find the self by dissociating from relevant parts

Classes of Parts

Parts Dynamics - relationship among parts

Protective parts
Vulnerable parts

Week 4: Communicating with Parts

Why communicate with parts? 


Week 5: Working with Personal Goals and Obstacles

Inner Dynamics Coaching Demonstration

Week 6: Active Coaching

Week 7: Active Coaching

Week 8: Active Coaching

Week 9: Active Coaching


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