iNLP Center Life Coaching: Inner Dynamics (Parts) Certification Speciality

The iNLP Center is organizing a new, speciality life coach certification to commence in September of 2018. This program will be called Inner Dynamics Coaching Specialty

We're unsure as to the prerequisite for the course, but the initial offering will be open to any student currently enrolled at the iNLP Center.

What is Inner Dynamics Coaching?

Inner Dynamics is a life coaching specialty offered exclusively at the iNLP Center. By inner dynamics, we mean: how you relate to the various parts of your personality. We're not referring to any kind of mental illness here, quite the opposite. That we all have different aspects - or parts - of ourselves has been a commonly accepted fact for literally thousands of years. 

The book Subpersonalities features a fascinating history of inner dynamics dating back to ancient Rome. Since then, philisophers and psychologists have been handily referring to different parts of our overall identity, most notably Sigmund Freud. His concept of the Id, Ego, and Superego is one among many examples of inner dynamics. 

Jung's archetypes and John Bradhsaw's inner child are other well-known examples of parts or inner dynamics models. 

How our inner parts relate to each other is a major factor in how we think, feel, and behave. You've been there. One part of you wants one thing and another part of you wants something else, often the opposite.

One the one hand, I need to stick to my diet. One the other hand, I'd love to devour that chocolate cake!

Part of me wants to just cut loose and quit my job, but I guess I have more common sense than that.

I do pretty well on my to-do list in the morning, but in the afternoon it's like some part of me comes up and says, "Screw it!" and then the whole day falls apart. 

Parts conficting with other parts, or inner conflict, is one of the most common phenomena in the world. But who knows how to heal the divide relatively quickly and painlessly? 

Parts. We've all learned to use this concept to describe our life experience, but what about achieving greater influence over our inner parts? There is shockingly little education available about how to do that. 

Even more surprising, once you learn to lead your inner parts instead of being at their mercy, your entire sense of self - and your life - can change for the better. 

What are the Benefits of this Kind of Life Coach Training?

There are many! Once you learn to consciously work with your parts, you will be able to:

Calm down. Out-of-control parts are perhaps the biggest psychological stressors. And stress is no small health concern

Find your true self. We can live a lifetime not knowing who we are. It's such a vague, nebulous question: Who are you? The parts model both clarifies and enhances your sense of self.

End self-sabotage. You might think of self-sabotage as one part of you wanting to do something that inhibits you or other parts of you. When a part of you wants something harmful, you may be able to mediate that desire by communicating with the part. It works!

Always know how to grow. The parts model provides and simple and constructive framework for self-improvement. When you are aware of your personality parts and how to work with them, the growth opportunities are limitless. 

A Special Offer from the iNLP Center

The iNLP Center is currently preparing its Inner Dynamics Coaching Specialty Certification. We'd like to test drive this program at a fraction of the cost with a few students who are willing to give us detailed feedback before, during, and after the course. 

The feedback will come in the form of confidential online surveys taken at strategic times. Students who elect to participate in this "test drive" course will be screened according to willingness to provide such feedback.

The course details:


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