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Adwords Settings for Getting Started.
The single most important factor in ensuring your zen titan review is successful is to fill out all of the settings when you set up your campaign. Whatever you do, do not rush through the campaign settings or leave them empty, otherwise you will end up paying for advertising to people who have no interest in what you're selling. I've listed some recommended AdWords settings below for reference, but if you are not setting up
your AdWords campaign right now, feel free to skip to the end of this chapter for some closing recommendations on reviewing AdWords campaigns for long-term success.
1. If you haven't done so already, create an account at When signing up, enter your Google account, or let the tool create one for you if you don't already have one.
2. Once fully signed in, click on the big button 'Create your first campaign'. Campaign name: Enter a descriptive name for your campaign.
Choose 'search network only' from the drop-down. This is important. Make sure you select this option, unless you know what you are doing, otherwise you will also end up buying advertising on less relevant sites. Select 'All features - All options for the Search Network, with Display Select'. Why would we want to restrict ourselves and give ourselves less options and features? Choose it, features are juicy. Trust me.
Networks: Unselect 'include search partners'. We want to advertise on Google, not other smaller, potentially less-relevant sites.
Locations: If you are targeting customers from a specific area, country, state or city, enter the most relevant setting for your customers here. Whatever you do, don't forget about this setting, otherwise if you're a local business you'll end up buying advertising halfway around the world!
Bid strategy: Choose 'I'll manually set my bids for clicks'. This allows you to make sure you are only setting costper-click bids you can afford. More on setting bids later. Default bid:
Enter any number here, we are going to change it later. Budget:
Enter your daily budget. Ad Extensions:
Ad extensions, otherwise known as sitelinks, are a great way to encourage more clicks to your zen titan reviewEnter as many relevant entries as you can, if you have an office address and phone number, use it. Schedule:
If you are only open during certain business hours, enter the hours you want to be running ads here. For some businesses, it's OK to run your campaign 24/7, because some customers will send an online enquiry if they arrive at your site outside of business hours. If you are selling something like a local food, such as a pizza shop, you might want to restrict your campaigns to only run during your opening hours. Ad delivery:
Choose 'Rotate indefinitely. Show lower performing ads more evenly with higher performing ads, and do not optimize'. Why would you want to choose this you might wonder? You want to run your ads evenly, so you have reliable data when you review your ads, and can objectively see which ads are performing better for your goals. You can leave the rest of settings for now, hit 'save and continue', and you're good to go with setting up the rest of your campaign.
Optimization tips for tweaking your campaign for better profit. I've touched on a handful of secrets of successful pay-per-click campaigns, but I'm going to wrap up this special bonus chapter with the most important habit for pay-per-click success. Review your campaign regularly. Leaving an AdWords campaign running without keeping your head around the performance is like leaving a freight train running without a driver.
Regularly review your ad performance, ad group performance, keyword performance, and cost-perclick performance. This will allow you to back the winning horses of your campaign, and swiftly cut the losers. Fortunately, the AdWords platform offers endless opportunities for deep insights into the performance of your campaign. As a starting point, below are example areas in your campaign to regularly look over: - Ad group performance. Review click-through-rates, cost-per-click, and cost-per-conversion.
Allocate more funds from your campaign to winning ad groups, and decrease funds or pause losing ad groups if you see any obvious trends.
- Ad performance. Look for winning ads with higher click-through-rates, lower cost-per-clicks, and lower cost-per-conversion. Pause expensive ads, and create new ads to split-test based on your winners. Progressively build up new ads with higher click-through-rates into your campaign over time.
- Keyword performance. Review which keywords are running at a higher cost, which keywords have low quality scores, and see if you can pause any overly budget-draining keywords with low conversions.
That wraps up the special bonus chapter on AdWords. If you want to delve deeper into the pay-per-click rabbit-hole, the below resources are a great starting point for anyone starting out with pay-per-click advertising: Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords - Perry Marshall
The ultimate guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall is often the starting point for many professionals starting out with PPC. Offers a great overview of AdWords and delves into the 'inner
game' of successful AdWords campaigns. Great for beginners, but for advanced techniques check out some of the resources below: Advanced Google AdWords - Brad Geddes If you want to be a pay-per-click guru, then look no further than this fantastic guide to advanced AdWords management, for agencies and business owners running their own campaigns. Brad Geddes' magnum opus on advanced AdWords pay-per-click advertising has been the secret treasure of many-a-successful pay-per-click consultant's career. Readily available on PPC Hero ;PPC Hero is loaded with free advice on the latest AdWords tricks and tips, but also covering fundamental pay-per-click methods that never change. Updated regularly. Inside AdWords zen titan review Google's official blog for AdWords. Great for the latest AdWords news direct from the horse’s mouth.

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