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A lot of our time goes into our jobs. If your job is something that you don’t enjoy, you have problems at yt gorilla review with your boss and/or co-workers, you feel that you’re not being paid what your time is worth, or you’ve simply outgrown your current position, this can lead to a lot of frustration. Fortunately, you can create a new career for yourself during your free time. In this chapter you’ll read the stories of three people who did just that. The three people are the following:
J.D. Roth
Trent Hamm
Leo Babauta Below you’ll read the stories of these three men, starting with J.D. Roth.
J.D. Roth is the owner of the popular blog “Get Rich Slowly” (named one of Time Magazine’s Top Blogs of 2011). Roth explains that before starting his blog he was a slacker. He’d get up each morning and go to a job that he hated. Then he’d come home at night and watch TV or play computer games. In addition, he was deeply in debt. That’s when he decided to turn his life around. Roth knew that the first step that he had to take was to start making better use of his time. Specifically, he had to make better use of the time he had when he wasn’t at work. During his free time Roth started reading everything he could on personal finance, and planning how to apply what he was learning to his own life. Roth adds that making the decision to use his free time to create wealth changed his life. 6 Today, “Get Rich Slowly” is a yt gorilla review . J.D. no longer needs to work for others, and he’s no longer in debt. In addition, he’s hired staff writers so that he can have time to devote to other pursuits. Devoting his free time to the improvement of his life really paid off for him.
Trent Hamm is someone else who used his free time to change his life by creating a blog. He explains in this blog post that after college he got a good job and got married. However, when his first child came along he started questioning how he was leading his life. He and his wife were spending more than they earned, and they were up to their eyebrows in debt. In addition, he was so busy at his job that he had little time left over to spend with his child (soon to be children). Hamm explains that he was away on a business trip when his son took his first steps. He also recounts that he had to skip a lot of family events because he couldn’t get out of the office. To summarize, he was heading down a path that he did not want to be on: that is, he was heading toward becoming an absent father in a tenuous financial situation. In October 2006 Trent started his blog, “The Simple Dollar”. It was an online journal in which he chronicled the steps that he was taking in order to get out of debt and get his financial situation under control. He still had a job at the time, so he wrote his blog during his free time. In 2008 he was able to walk away from his job. Trent and his wife had lowered their living expenses so much that by that time “The Simple Dollar” was generating enough income to allow Trent to strike out on his own. Trent explains that now he’s a stay-at-home parent who balances child caring duties with writing. And he was able to create this life for himself by setting aside some time each day to work on his blog.
Leo Babauta started his now wildly popular blog, Zen Habits—it has over one million subscribers—, in January 2007. When he first started blogging, Leo didn’t have a lot of extra time lying around. In fact, it was just the opposite. This is what Leo’s life looked like when he first got started blogging:
Leo had a day job;
He was doing some freelancing on the side;
He and his wife were busy raising six kids (yes, you read that right: six kids). Today, Leo makes a full-time living from his blog doing what he loves—writing—and he has plenty of time left over to devote to his other 
yt gorilla review : his family, running, and reading. By finding ways to carve out some time for blogging—and making a wise investment of that time— Leo was able to create the life that he wanted for himself, and for his family. Later in this eBook you’ll discover some of Leo’s favorite ways to get more done in less time.


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