XuPop Software Review – Get cash in on massive EPSc with Epic Conversions

XuPop Software Review – Get cash in on massive EPSc with Epic Conversions!

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As you build your website, keep the following xupop software review and answers in mind. They will help you build a better business.
What kind of website do I want/need to run? Does your niche require a "Pinterest-style" website or does it require more content? Make sure the style of website matches the niche and the content you are publishing.
What should my domain name be? Your domain name needs to be a BRAND, not a keyword. I actually prefer to use "regular" names, myself. For example, I run It's a fictional name backed by a fictional online persona that operates in the "baby shower" niche. I suggest you do the same. Forget adding keywords to your domain. You are not trying to rank your website, you are building a brand.
Should I hire a graphic designer? You are relying on social traffic so your 
xupop software review needs to look good. When building your site, you need to HONESTLY assess your graphic design skills. If you can't create nicely-done graphics and logos, consider hiring someone to do so. It can literally mean the difference between success and failure because, generally speaking, people don't like ugly sites.
What theme should I use? When building your site, you'll need to settle on a theme. Make sure that whatever theme you use matches your niche and content type. If you are running a magazine-style website, use a magazine-style theme. If you are running a photography website, use a Pinterest or portfolio type theme.
What plugins do I need and why? Invariably, you will need plugins to add to the functionality of your website. However, before installing ANY plugins, ask yourself which ones you NEED and why. You don't want to slow the load time of your site with plugins that you don't need.
STEP #3: Build a Social Media Presence Now that you've decided to break your reliance on Google and SEO for traffic, you have to ensure you get the social media part right. Otherwise, your site will fail. This is not a "build it and they will come" project. You are going to have to attract your visitors via social media. When establishing a social media presence, you want to ensure that all of your social media properties are branded identically to your website. What this means is that you'll have to modify your website header graphic/logo so that it fits properly with whatever social media profile you are establishing. For example, if your website header graphic is 975px x 150px, you are going to have to resize it to 851px x 315px to use it as a Facebook cover image. That DOESN'T MEAN that you should simply take your website graphic and resize it so text is squished and the graphics are all screwed up. It DOES MEAN that you should take your header graphic and create a new, properly sized one using the same elements. Don't shortcut things. A 975px x 150px header is going to look awful if you simply resize it to 851px x 315px. Put some effort into things.
Facebook Although there will be exceptions, Facebook will often be your primary source of traffic. As such, you need to get it right, starting with branding. Now, that said, it's really not difficult to "get it right". All you really need is a cover image and a profile pic. For the cover image, simply take your website header graphic/logo and use it as a "template". Using the graphics editor of your choice (I prefer Adobe Elements), create a new image that's 851px by 315px. Design your cover image so that it matches your website header graphic or logo. Since this is a guide on establishing a 
xupop software review and not a tutorial on Adobe Elements, I'm not going to get into the detail of doing the actual graphic
design. That said, you get the point - your Facebook branding should match your website branding. As for a profile pic, I always suggest using a professional headshot. Since you are trying to establish credibility, using a REAL headshot is the best policy. However, if you don't want photos of you on the internet, that's cool. Go out to and download a professional-looking headshot and use that as your online persona. Problem solved.

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