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The first thing I would do is research if people are actually interested in the wp twin review that I
want to create a product around.
If there was some other products already out there, that would be a good indication
that I could probably create a product around it.
If there weren’t any products out there, I would wonder why. Is it because nobody
really knows about the topic? Or is it because nobody is really interested in the
Product Development and Testing
Then I would create the product.
I would probably do a test run webinar for my audience and see if I could sell it there.
Then, I would go from there.
I would either launch the product through an affiliate contest or I would just launch it
to my own list first. That would help me know if I could increase the price or if I need to
decrease it. Or, if it’s a failure, then I don’t have to do a complete affiliate launch.
I try to keep it as simple as possible.
Shopping Cart Software
For a lot of the products before, I was using either 1ShoppingCart or Infusionsoft.
I’m starting to create more low-end products, around the $100 mark. For that, I really
wp twin review. We’re using ClickBank almost exclusively now.
Membership Content
I’m using WishList Member to host all of my content inside of private members areas. I
love the guys at WishList.

Email Software
I’m using iContact and AWeber to send emails out.
Just hire a designer to create the page. It’s pretty simple.
We like to have a video sales letter that kind of educates the audience, what they’re
going to get, and why they need the information. I like to create those to make it more
entertaining as opposed to having to read some long sales copy that people don’t even
read anymore.
I believe we use Google Website Optimizer.
I actually don’t do any of it myself. My business partner does that with his web guy.
Pricing Strategy
I think Yanik Silver said this at some point: create a product that has 10 to 100 times
the value of the price.
There are a lot of products out there that are $2,000-$10,000. It’s really hard to make it
10 to 100 times the value when it’s that high of a price already and it’s all digital
A Lower Price Point
We’re changing the way we’re creating products by making them affordable for
everyone. That way, people don’t feel like, “Oh, I’m going to go into credit card debt
this month.”
We’re charging $100 right now for our products. It’s enough to for us to make a living
and support our affiliates, but also it’s not going to break the bank for everyone who
buys it.
My goal is to create these lower price point products with high value. We could easily
sell these products for $2,000 or $3,000. But by charging less, we are able to corner the
market in a certain way that people appreciate. Then they buy more

Physical or Digital?
The first product I ever created was a paperback book about LinkedIn. After that, I
started doing digital stuff.
People like physical products. They like getting stuff in the mail. Refund rates might go
down with physical 
wp twin review , because more people would just want to keep them as
opposed to sending them back.
It just made sense to keep things digital because people can log in and have access to it
anywhere in the world. They don’t have to carry around a DVD or book.
Less is more, in my opinion.
How Lewis Prepares a Product
We have a full-time web designer guy who creates the skin, throws up the logo, and
takes care of the branding.
Other than that, we’re just creating the videos for the modules for our course. I use
Screenflow to record my screen as I go through slides on PowerPoint. I’ll also go behind
the scenes online as I go over the slides.
So that’s how I record those videos. Then I throw them up on eZs3 and the back end of
the member’s area on Wishlist.
We give them video, audio, and the complete transcript PDF. Plus, we create cliff
notes. So, if they just want to download the cliff notes and go over bullet point
strategies, they can do that. We try to give different learning styles the right
information they need, while not going overboard on information. Just go right to the
point and give good stuff.
First Contact
When people visit my site for the first time, they’re probably coming for an article. So, I
would like them to sign up for my newsletter right away after reading it.
I don’t do as good of a job as I probably should be doing on capturing as many leads as
possible. I should have a capture form on every possible page, but I don’t yet.

Early Sale
After they’ve opted-in to my auto-responder series, I would like for them to buy one of
my products or my books and get a sale from them, because right then I would know
how qualified that lead is after I get that sale.
Weekly Emails
If they don’t buy right away, that’s fine. I just want them to open my emails every
single week.
Lewis’ Personal Newsletter
I send a newsletter every week with some different tips, what’s happening, and where
I’m traveling – just to kind of give them an insider look at what I’m doing and give them
some strategies at the same time.
I don’t actually send them to my sales pages that often, with that newsletter. I send
them an offer maybe once a month. I’m really just trying to build a relationship with
them so that, whenever I have a product launch, I can email them and say, “Hey check
it out. I just came out with this.”
I’ll see a big jump in sales just from that one email.
Lewis’ Affiliate Newsletter
I have another list where people come on through webinars or affiliates, things like
I’ve built up that list in the last few years using mostly LinkedIn groups. It’s grown
through doing over 500 webinars with affiliates over the last two years.
We market more directly to that list, sending them straight to webinars, educating
them on a weekly basis, and selling a product at the end.

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