WP Video Genie Review – Animate Jaw-Dropping Videos In Minutes

WP Video Genie Review – Animate Jaw-Dropping Videos In Minutes

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I was spending $40 a month on wp video genie review help when I was earning only $300 in a good month! It was getting out. Of. control. While I do believe this helped my traffic at the time (when your traffic isn’t very high to begin with, 200 extra page views in a day is a big deal!), I eventually got burned out and dropped this tactic. I was so nervous that my traffic would tank, but the opposite happened. I started getting more social shares than ever.

Why? It is because I had more time to produce content and work on my Pinterest strategy. Those two steps together kept me going with the same amount of traffic I had from the time when I was participating in 5 share threads per day, and over time, it gave more people reason to come to my blog (to read the content I was putting out there!). Having more content directly affected another strategy I used….you’ll see it at tip #8.

So this is your official permission to stop doing a few things you currently do that A) take up a lot of time and B) don’t seem to be working as well as you’d hoped. Even if they work for other bloggers, they might not work for you. Two Other Things Bloggers Do That Don’t Help (as much as you’d think) 1. Weekly Linkups While link parties are great for networking, they are not typically a large source of traffic when you are going for big wp video genie review.

If you have a knack for writing posts that are featured during the following week’s linkup, then perhaps you will get some good exposure. I personally don’t have a lot of posts featured, so my referral traffic is limited. The one exception was when Living Well Spending Less picked up a couple of the posts I submitted in a separate Saturday Favorites roundup.

That did send a few hundred page views my way over the course of a couple days. But then the traffic died off. I hear some bloggers swear by link parties, but I don’t understand what they’re doing EXCEPT maybe they’re really good at getting in at the start of each link party. I think the top links get the most clicks, but that’s just a hunch. If you do participate in link wp video genie review, I would keep it to a minimum.

Start with a few larger linkups where the potential exposure of a featured post will pay off. Otherwise, focus on other things from this ebook for the biggest impact. 2. Commenting Commenting is in the same category as link parties. While commenting is great for networking and perhaps receiving an invite to a group Pinterest board, it’s not a significant source of page views on its own.

You may see a consistent stream of page views from comments you’ve left around the blogosphere, but it will be along the lines of 2-5 page views per day, not hundreds (unless you’re leaving hundreds of comments). For the amount of time it takes to comment on other blogs, this is not a good use of your time if your goal is to grow traffic quickly. 

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