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I was down to my last $300 to make this online thing work.
I had blown through $10,000 buying ‘bright shiny objects’. You know
the ones I'm talking about… the one that sound good but don’t do
anything for you or your wp fotopress
It was my last hail mary I had to make it work or give up on my dream of working from home
and living the life I wanted.
Instead of just sticking to one simple business model I was running in
circles trying anything and everything to make money online.
And the worst part?
I even tried ‐ and failed with the EXACT same model I use to make up to
$445.25 in one day today.
Yes, this one But thankfully I found my way back…
Fast‐forward 6 years and things are very very different ‐ but the system
I used to ‘make it’ online is still going gangbusters.
In fact, it’s working so well that I recently collected $16,694.25 in just
70 days. That's better than most 9 to 5 jobs wouldn't you say? And I'm about to show you exactly how you can do the same ...and
collect thousands of dollars using this exact same wp fotopress.
Sound good?
Let’s get started "The Money Is In The List"
If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this report, it’s this:
Every big Guru...
Every successful affiliate And virtually anyone who is actually making money online…
All have one thing in common...
They All, Yes ALL Of Them,
Have An Email List.
And when you’re just starting out, that can sound a bit overwhelming.
Especially if you’ve struggled to build a list before.
That’s why my Supersonic List Machine is so powerful. Because it gives you a simple (and VERY profitable) way to grow your
own list.
And what happens when you have your own list?
You can send your subscribers to any offer you want, whenever you
want, wherever you want (yes, from the beach).
Think about that for a minute…
If you need extra cash for your daughter’s birthday present… If you
need a quick injection of cash to pay for your new vacation… Or if you
just want a bit of extra spending money… all you have to do is click a
few buttons and make it happen. :‐)
And it doesn’t need to take long either…
In fact, you can build your list FAST.
My preferred method is by using Solo Ads. I can add 500 new
subscribers in just 24 hours. That’s 3,500 new subscribers every week.
That is a TON of traffic you can send to your affiliate offers.
And that's exactly how I made $12,000 in 70 days Time for the big reveal…
Using what you’re about to discover will allow you to build a massive
email list and make profits quickly.
And all you have to do is follow these 4 simple steps…
1. Pick a CPA offer
2. Build your squeeze page
3. Drive traffic
4. Email your new list
Let’s go…
Step 1: Pick a CPA Offer
CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action’.
This means you get a certain amount of dollars per sale ‐ instead of a %.
For example, if an offer is paying $115 per sale… then every sale you
make puts $115 into your pocket.
Much higher than your usual JVZoo & WarriorPlus (W+) commissions,
wouldn't you say?
And the best thing about CPA? There are NO refunds.
When you make a sale, you keep ALL the money. That in itself makes this method so worth doing.
I personally use two CPA networks.
One of them only let's seasoned CPA marketers in… the other is a
private network that requires a referral to join.
And lucky for you…
I can get you straight into the latter. ;‐)
Its called Cash Network.
It’s the best and most reliable Biz‐Op CPA wp fotopress around. Period.
You’ll be paid every Friday ‐ like clockwork ‐ straight to your PayPal
And big numbers too…
Using CN (Cash Network) I was able to generate $15,672.28 in just 3
months. So here’s what you need to do…
Simply pick an offer from the Biz‐Op list. At CN they’ll tell you which
offers are converting best right now ‐ and you’ll even have your own
affiliate manager to answer all your questions.
But don’t spend too much time scoping out offers.
Because we gotta start building our list first.
Step 2: Build a Squeeze Page
I’m about to show you a squeeze page that I’m using to convert
between 40% and 55%...
So for every 100 people I send to my squeeze page, 40‐55 people will
give me their email address and see my CPA offer.
And it’s yours… free I'm including the squeeze page as a FREE bonus for you.
It's located in the .zip file that came with this product, in a folder called:
2‐Step Squeeze
Open that folder, and then open the index.html file in Notepad (PC
Users) or in TextEdit or TextWranger (Mac Users) Don't be intimidated by all the HTML code.
All you have to do is edit 3 lines and you'll be up and running with this
powerful squeeze page.
In index.html, scroll down slightly, and you'll see the headline: Discover
How I Made $13,682 In Just 30 Days Using 100% Free Traffic From
Replace that with a headline that relates to your offer. Be specific and
bold with your headline.
Simply state the big bold promises of what's in it for them.
Then in index.html, scroll 1/3 way down, and simply replace this:
With your affiliate link or your link to your CPA offer.
This becomes the "thank you" page after they click on the red button
on Step 3: Yes, Let Me In!
This way you can start making sales and commissions immediately.
And then to build your list, simply grab the web form code from
Aweber or Getresponse (whatever autoresponder you're using), and
scroll down about halfway in the index.html file, and replace this:
With your web form code from your autoresponder. And in the index.html file, you can also edit other parts of the page as
well. (e.g. The questionnaire, the steps, etc.)
If you have any difficulties with any of this stuff, feel free to reach out
at the help desk and we can assist more.
That 2‐step template is definitely one you will want to use.
wp fotopress works wonders :)
It works because of ‘micro‐commitments’. It doesn’t ask for the
person’s email address right away ‐ all it asks for is that they answer a
simple question.
Once the prospect has answered the question, they naturally feel
obligated to complete the sequence by giving you their email address.
You'll be amazed at how well it converts. It works like magic


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