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Look Forward Even if you have a great thing going on now, nothing lasts forever. In entrepreneurship, you want to stay on the lookout for future opportunities. So always be building multiple business ideas and seeing what works.

Reinvest Reinvest in yourself and in your business. That’s wp conversion boost review that I wish I had done sooner. Don’t be a penny pincher. Early on, you might consider selling your television and dropping your $130 a month phone plan. Stop going out on weekend benders and spending $200 on beer and instead think about the smartest, best place that you could put that money. You could outsource some of the work or buy a resource to build your business. Don’t be afraid to reinvest. It’s the smartest way you can use your cash.

Do What You Love Focus on the things that you really enjoy. If you’re in a position to bring in other people to cover the stuff that you don’t enjoy and focus on what you do, that makes everything so much easier.

Help People Remember, at the end of the day, you’re in business to help people. Focus on the people that you’re serving and establishing a connection with your customers. That will make all the difference. In business and life, it’s all about the people. I’m 100% focused on people. I love to go to places because I know there’s someone living there who I want to go visit. I love sharing unique experiences with other people.

ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS 1. Figure out what you love. When living abroad, life outside of work is especially alluring. In order to run a business in that environment, you need to enjoy it just as much as you enjoy sitting on the beach. 2. Secure foundational wp conversion boost review through networking. When Cody left for Thailand, he had $2,000 to his name. But he was confident he could bring in business because he had a small group of recurring clients that he built up through networking. 3. Learn the rules of living abroad. Before you can move to a new country, you need to learn about the logistics of

staying there long-term. Use the CIA World Fact Book to start learning about the legal and tax guidelines. 4. Seek the entrepreneurial lifestyle. It’s nearly impossible to live the nomadic lifestyle without the freedom of having your own business. Find a way to make your business globally accessible. 5. Live like a millionaire abroad. Since the cost of living is so much lower in developing parts of the world like Asia and South America, you can make the same amount of money but live like a king.


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