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You're not scamming anyone here. You’re creating a premium wp click viral. Look at this way, why do seminars and consultations cost thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to attend, when the information is likely already contained somewhere in a twenty dollar product? Why do universities charge thousands of dollars per term to go over there and get taught when all the information is contained within fifty-dollar textbooks anyway? It’s the same information, you're just paying for the presentation and any names, reputations, experiences and guarantees that come with that particular course or seminar.
One more point before we move along. Info product doesn't mean single sale. Just know for now that you have a choice, and once you start looking at audio, video, and information, coupling that with membership sites, the floodgates really open for variations in presentation for your own products.
Ok, so we've looked at single sales, membership, and premium publications and shown you how to add value to an info product beyond the standard e-book approach, lets look now at how diverse and versatile info products become with just a little thought.
There is one type of info product I'd like to talk to you about right now, and that’s up-sell products. Products sold at a low price to entice the customer to go out and buy a higher priced follow-up.
When done successfully, this is a powerful technique, but when done incorrectly, it'll kill customer confidence in you forever. Ever purchased an info product that’s an up sell? I sure have. Ever bought an info product that totally sucked and didn't give any of the info it promised because it was just a cheap excuse to get you to buy more stuff at twenty times the price? I've had that also.
Practically every single up sell that I've bought has been terrible. I want you to know when I say up sell I mean real products giving real information that are real helpful and do as advertised. Still with the intention of selling people on, but the up sell is a real solid product in itself. There is nothing wrong at all with this type of marketing, in fact when done with pride, some of these up sells can become quality products indeed and rake in a whole bunch of cash at the same time. Done incorrectly however, check out the BBB definition of bait selling, and you’ll see there’s a fine line that must not be crossed when looking at this subject.
The next rule of info product creation is don't think of it as a bonus. Charge what you believe it to be worth. We already talked about how you can devalue yourself and your product just through poor and unimaginative presentation. Keep in mind when you create your wp click viral, using your mind and your knowledge they are valuable, real valuable. Don't just go selling for twenty dollars because someone told you to, or you see others doing that. Only your tracking data can tell you the facts here.
Add a pinch of fresh variance into the presentation, and feel confident about putting $200, $500, $1000 price tags on your products. You didn't put in all that effort and creation, knowledge sharing and bonus giving to charge $10 did you? I highly doubt it.Putting the price up on a product can actually increase sales. When I first launched my original site for ten dollars a month. I wanted to have the best site at the best price, and agreed, some of the customers were only there because I was the cheapest around. I'd put my all into this site though, and decided that it was worth more, if not just for the positive feedback I was getting, so I added an extra $15 to the price tag. Lo and behold, with the same marketing methods I'd learned in my very limited experience, my profits went from $150 a week, up to almost $300 a week in the same time it took me to pull in that $150 a week worth of members. That’s excluding any current wp click viralI had pay me $130 for a yearly membership up front. Nothing changed but the price. So in this case, a 50% increase in the price, meant a 100% increase in sales. Cool huh?
Back then I had no answer to 'Why are you putting your price up?’ aside from it being an experiment. It soon became clear though that undervaluing is as devastating as charging too much for too little. Be confident, charge what it's worth, not what you think people will be willing to pay. You might find yourself surprised, and if not, there's nothing stopping you from changing it back. You are in total control of your business after all.
I also want to tell all those of you out there that want to write reports on online marketing, there's still space for you. Just because there’s a bunch of people out there right now selling stuff that mildly resembles setting up a serious business online, doesn't mean that you can’t break into this highly competitive market.


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