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Setting boundaries
Jumping to the professional level in the blogging world poses a few potential pitfalls and requires ongoing reinvention on your wishloop review. Set up and keep to a fewn simple rules about what your professional limits and intentions are, and don’t be afraid to write those rules down in a document that you share with sponsors and your readers.
Also, be ready to say no. Some sponsors might want more than you’re willing to give. Yes, you may be able to earn some money from your blog, but don’t forget the reason you’re blogging in the fist place. Your blog is your territory, not your sponsor’s. You’re renting the sponsor space on your site, giving it access to your audience. You aren’t signing up for someone to tell you what to do. You already have parents for that! Don’t jump at every offr that comes in the door. You may fid this advice diffilt to follow when you’re seeking your fist sponsor, but you need to maintain a high level of professionalism — not just for yourself but also for your audience. In the same way that you protect your audience from nasty comments and spam, you need to be sure that you give them an appropriate experience with your sponsors and advertisers. Protect the integrity of your blog and avoid sponsors that demand more time, editorial control, or space on your wishloop review than you’re willing to give.
Accepting Gifts, Not Obligations
Many companies offr news media access to products and services to generate press attention, and increasingly, bloggers are being offred the same goodies. After all, some blog topics are so specifi that companies absolutely know that the blog’s readers will be interested in their products. For example, a blogger who writes about cell phones might be targeted by a mobile phone company and offred a free product or money in exchange for some kind of online review or feedback. This kind of exchange can be a tricky situation because some bloggers regard the gift as some kind of bribe or obligation to write something positive about the product in question.
In fact, that perception isn’t correct. I know bloggers who accept products for review on the condition that they say what they really think about it, and most companies are perfectly satisfid with this kind of arrangement. In addition, most bloggers who do these kinds of reviews are very upfront with their readers about how they obtained the product in question and what agreement they have with the company that provided it.
If you’re getting these offrs, you can probably benefi from establishing such a policy. Most bloggers don’t want to be seen as taking bribes or favors from companies that just want the bloggers to say nice things about them. Your policy needs to lay out how you plan to deal with such situations.
Here are three things to consider when you start to get product-review offrs:
» Be clear about what you’ll do with the product. Tell the product maker that you won’t write a positive review if the product doesn’t deserve it. Make sure that you’re very specifi about what you’ll provide in return for the gift (if anything).
» Be prepared to return gifts. A lot of bloggers, especially the incredibly geeky ones, would love to receive a gift from a company that has the latest and hottest product. However, if the company has unreasonable demands or demands that don’t match the blogger’s vision, the blogger might choose to simply return the gift.
» Donate what you receive. You can avoid an ugly scene with your audience or any sponsors of your wishloop review by taking the gifts you receive, writing your review, and then giving the items away. You can send them to your favorite charity or hold a contest for your audience. Donating your freebies generates all kinds of goodwill from your community while avoiding any accusations of bias.
Keep to the core of what makes your blog great. If you get an offr for a free prod- uct, think about it fist — don’t accept it right away. You can even go to your com- munity members and see what they think if you require advice. Whether you accept ads or sponsorships, and how you implement them, really depends on you. And remember, if you’ve received payment or a product, you are legally required to disclose that information in each post.
Viewing Your Blog As an
Inflential Platform
While the majority of this chapter focuses on ways to earn money on your blog, your blog may actually catapult you to earning opportunities of of your website or even offle completely. Many of today’s top bloggers earn revenue in relationship to their blogging rather than through their blogging. Once you’ve built a large audience with great content and social media engagement, the sky truly is the limit. Some other ways bloggers earn revenue include:
» Event appearances
» Brand spokesperson contracts
» Book deals
» Television and radio appearances
» Event and conference hosting
» Product creation and endorsement
» Creating and holding workshops
» Consulting
» Speaking engagements

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