WebbyVid Review – Turn Any Content Into Flawless Videos

WebbyVid Review – Turn Any Content Into Flawless Videos

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This step comes after we’ve done the first part of entering in seed keywords into Google Keyword Planner. After that, we’ll enter in some of the selected keywords into Google to see who’s ranking for them. So let’s enter in a keyword, “how to run faster”. And we’re going browse the list of webbyvid review . What we’re looking for is a site (domain name) that is directly related to our niche - in this case, running.

 So we’re going to ignore the sites that are ranking from domains like WikiHow, Wikipedia, BodyBuilding, etc. Instead, we’re going to focus on one from the list that’s directly related to running. Here’s a good one. Why do we do this? Because of the information that SEMrush gives back. You’ll see in just a second what I mean.

 Then, what we’re going to do is enter in that site into webbyvid review. We’re going to do 2 searches: One for the actual URL of the page that’s ranking, and then one more for the overall domain. Let’s do the URL of the page first. What this does is it gives a list of the page’s TOP ORGANIC KEYWORDS. This is a list of the top keywords that drives traffic to the page.

 And it also shows their rankings Why is this important? Because it gives you suggestion on which keywords are driving the most traffic to one of the top competitor’s page that’s already ranking. And you can see which keywords you should be focusing on. It will also give you suggestions that you may not have thought of, and ones that weren’t suggested by Google Keyword Planner You can click on “View full report” for the whole list, but to get all the data you’ll need a premium subscription. But this list of of their top 5 is plenty for now.

 Now let’s take a look at the overall domain. Since this is a site dedicated to running, we can see which keywords drive the most traffic to their entire webbyvid review in general. Make sure you type in the clean domain without http:// or www.

 And you’ll get more suggestions like this: For a large brand, most of the top keywords will be branded keywords like you see here. But you’ll also get a lot of new keyword ideas like “best running shoes”.One of the good things about running a search for their entire domain is that SEMrush will also give you a list of their top competitors.

 These are the top competing sites for their keywords in the running niche. You can click on any of the sites, and it will give you a whole new report. And you can keep going and you’ll have a huge list of profitable keywords that you should be targeting. One of the best things about using SEMrush is that these are the top keywords from the top sites in your niche. 


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