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However, these links would basically be spam. They will quickly be deleted by bloggers or moderators and will be ignored by the users I want to target. Sharing Links On Other Blogs Getting advertising links featured on other blogs was not easy at first. I had to contact several bloggers before I found a small ground of people who were interested.

I select the CPA offers I share with my network of bloggers carefully and make sure the offers are valuable to their audience. The bloggers who share my advertising links are happy to do so because it is a way for them to provide their audience with interesting content. I don't hesitate to return the favor by featuring some of their warlord optin review and sharing links to their content on my own blog.

Free Advertising Links On Message Boards Sharing unsolicited links on a message board is usually seen as spam unless the links are valuable to the average user of the message board. I have been an active member on different couponing message boards for years.I check these message boards on a weekly basis and share a few CPA offers with the other members because I know they will be interested.

I encourage the users to give me some feedback on the offers I share to get a better idea of what kind of advertising links are valuable to this audience. Paid Advertising Links I have invested in paid advertising links several times and always got good results. I use paid advertising links for the best CPA offers I come across.

Paid links are a great way to reach out to a very specific niche I will probably never need to target again. I have found that the best PPC services charge a little more but they properly target the audience I want to reach out to. I have also bought advertising links on Facebook and got a good return on my investment.

My advice is to research different PPC services to find one that delivers the results they promise. Here's the million dollar question, and it might really be a million dollar question once you get proficient at marketing CPA offers. If you plan to pay for advertising, should your links point directly to the advertiser's sales page, or should you send visitors to your own website's landing page first? You can probably find almost as many warlord optin review on this topic as you can find people who promote affiliate offers.

Pros And Cons Of Sending Visitors Directly To An Advertiser It's always better to only have to get somebody to click once instead of twice. If your advertisements on Facebook or Google send people directly to the advertiser, you don't have to go through the extra work of sending them there after they get to your page. That might seem like a great argument in favor of direct-linking. Also, you are probably sending the visitor to a very focused sales page.

That means that you held somebody's attention enough to get them to click your advertiser, and you don't have to worry about them getting distracted. You have a better chance of them buying something or filling out a lead form, and that mean's you should have a better chance to make some money. But there are, alas, a couple of problems with this logic. ? You have to rely upon your advertising platform and affiliate stats, and you cannot gather these yourself.

If the numbers do not match up, how do you diagnose the problem or the culprit? You don't get a second chance to sell something else or entice visitors to join your email subscriber list if you send visitors directly to your affiliate program either. If the program happens to make a sale, you might get paid. But if they don't make a sale, you have probably lost the visitor.

Advantages Of Routing Visitors Through A Landing Page By now, you have probably figured out that I usually lean towards making my own warlord optin review. Maybe I'm a little paranoid, but I like to keep my own statistics. I can track visitors on my own website, and if they are very different from the numbers that the advertising platform or affiliate program show me, I know that there is a problem somewhere. But mostly, I guess I just believe in second chances.

In my own experience, some percentage of people will perform the action that I need to make some money, but a greater percentage won't cooperate. Even if I have a great offer that converts at twenty percent, that still leaves eighty percent of my traffic who did not find that the offer was the thing they were looking for.chance to grab the rest of the folks who just aren't buying that offer today. Who knows why some people buy and some people don't? We sure don't.

? Maybe they will buy tomorrow, and that is a good reason to try to capture their emails on your subscription list or encourage them to bookmark your website. ? They could be looking into something for a friend, and you want them to pass your site link along to their friend, and you do not want them to pass on the advertiser's page because you might not get credit for the sale.

? Maybe they want to buy something that is slightly different, and you might have some other offers on your website that are more attractive.

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