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Do More With Less I suggest you follow in the footsteps of those bloggers who might not be as famous or have quite as much traffic, but they do very well with smaller audiences. These bloggers know how to leverage their traffic for a significant return. They build email lists, sell digital products and offer services that have high margins. You won’t have heard of many of them, they are not trying to be famous. These bloggers just work to service a nice small market and earn healthy returns from it. I know many bloggers like vitraffic review because they emerged as successful case studies from my coaching courses. There’s Lance with his blog about a
ski resort in Bulgaria (inset), Fran with her blog about treating acne with alternative medicines, Joe with his how to build a home audio
recording studio blog, Leigh with her blog about how to lose fat from your body and Ian with his blog about model trains. Bloggers like these can do a lot with a few hundred to a few thousand visitors a day. They require just one author and once the momentum kicks in might not need much more than one blog post a week to keep going. Some only post new content once a month! That’s a lot different to a mega-blog, publishing twenty new posts a day, from a team of ten writers, with payroll costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I suggest you keep things small and simple, and focus on finding ways to turn a profit sooner rather than later. This leads to a more balanced lifestyle. Of course you can work your way big if the potential is there, but it’s not the only path to success.
There are enough techniques in this guide to achieve your traffic goal many times over. I’ve done it, I’ve had many students do it, yet most who read this guide will not. Why is that?
Even though you have all the information now, it won’t be easy. Everyone knows how to keep fit and eat healthy right? But it very often doesn’t happen despite our best intentions. There are distractions, negative thoughts and doubts that make it difficult. To keep you on the path forward, here are the “big picture” concepts that guide all successful bloggers. If you keep these in mind while you work, you will progress further.
The Power Of Compound Interest When I first grew my blog I observed how important the concept of compounding was to my success. In school we all learn about
compound interest, and how you can earn more over time as you have a bigger base to leverage. The same thing happens with your blog traffic, and there is a very good reason why. The best source of new traffic is your existing audience, especially in today’s socially driven online world. When you have an audience they help you reach more people. It’s like word of
mouth in the real world, except online there are so many tools to encourage the sharing of good content.
It’s not fair in many ways because the bigger blogs get bigger because they have such a large base of audience to leverage for more traffic. The rich do get richer. This is why it will never be as difficult for you as it is right at the start when it comes to growing a popular blog. When no one reads your work, your ability to reach new people is entirely dependent on your own hustle. If you don’t go out there and tell people you exist, no one else will. As you build an audience they will help you, if your work is good. The larger your audience, the more leverage you have.
The Daily Habit
Gary Keller and Jay Papasan in their book, The One Thing, explain that you have a finite amount of willpower that you can spend each day. They argue that instead of trying to do everything well and having an attitude of “grit and determination” to force yourself to work when you just have nothing left to give, that it’s smarter to accept your peak performance is only going to come in short bursts and then run out. The smart thing to do is use your finite amount of
willpower on the most important task you need to get
done and keep doing it until you form a habit (around 60 days of daily repetition should do it). Once the habit is in place you’re not going to stop doing it, it will be on autopilot, so you do not use up your willpower. You can then focus your willpower on another goal until it is a habit too. A successful blog takes time to build. Like all achievements that are worth anything in life, it’s best to look at the process as something you create, piece-by-piece, dayby-day.
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a timeAs the strange saying goes, it’s the daily task that leads to the big reward.

The Tipping Point
Malcolm Gladwell in his very popular 
vitraffic review, The Tipping Point, explains…
The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social
behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single
sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely
targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a
drop in the crime rate.” Every successful blogger I have talked to explain how some kind of event or series
of events led to their big break. It might be the release of a piece of content that goes viral, or being featured on a certain high profile website or media outlet, or perhaps a specific tool – like adding a podcast – that led to the big change. There is always a slow build up to the event. Usually the habits formed earlier have laid the foundation for the tipping point event to occur. Once it does happen, you jump to another level and stay there. In my case, although I did well enough slowly writing content and building connections with my blog, I really cemented my position as a leader with my free report,
The Blog Profits Blueprint. It helped that I did a product launch to market the report in many places when I first wrote it. However, long after I did that launch, the Blueprint continues to bring in traffic. I command a leadership position in the mind of thousands of people because of that report. I couldn’t have written it without building my own blog up first, but it’s the report that created the tipping point for me.
The Flywheel
Jim Collins introduced the concept of the Flywheel in his article, Good To Great
(also the title of his book), which had a huge impact on management thinking at the time. To apply this concept to what we are striving for, look at your blog as a large Flywheel that begins in a stationary position. It’s your job to begin it spinning, which at first takes a momentous effort just to make it move an inch.

As it spins quicker, momentum carries it onwards, and you don’t have to work nearly as hard to keep it going. Thanks to the habits you have formed that led to compounding of results, and eventually tipping points, you reach more people with less effort. What is really important to understand about the Flywheel is everything in your blog should be designed to
positively reinforce whatever is key to making the
Flywheel turn. What exactly your Flywheel is depends on your blogging
strategy. For example, if your goal is to get as much traffic to your blog as possible to increase your pageview count and make money with advertising, then you structure every element to bring people back to your blog posts and stay at your site longer.
And so on. By setting up your entire blog to encourage people to spend more time on your blog, everything grows. If your goal is to sell a video course, then all the materials on your blog are designed to drive people into the process you use to sell your course. This is a different goal to making money with advertising, and thus a different focus for your Flywheel.
Put It All Together I’ve given you a brief introduction to three important 
vitraffic reviewThe Daily Habit, The
Tipping Point And The Flywheel.
Compounding occurs when your daily habit kicks in over time. This helps lay the foundation for tipping points to become possible, launching you to a new level of 
results. All of these things must tie into your flywheel – which delivers tangible success and gives you access to more resources thanks to increased cash flow. The 100 techniques I laid out in this guide are where you draw your daily habits. You won’t know which are the right habits to apply until you test them, but after reading this guide you should feel pretty confident about where to start. Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide you know a lot about blog traffic. But it’s what you do that really matters.
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