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Keeping vidtasia review of whether or not you showed up for your hour is very easy. You either did or you didn’t. In addition, some days you’ll show up for the entire hour, while on other days you’ll show for less time. This is also something you should keep track of. On those days in which you don’t show up for your hour, write down why you didn’t show up and how you can prevent that issue or situation from arising again in the future.
Tracking your one-hour-a-day in this way will allow you to keep a running tally of the amount of time that you’ve devoted to any one goal. After thirty days, you should have devoted thirty hours to your goal. Did you? If not, why not? What do you need to do to make sure that you start showing up like you’re supposed to from now on?
Then, for those days in which you do show up for your one-hour-a-day, you need to track how efficient you were during your hour. That is, what level of intensity where you are during your one hour? After all, how much you accomplish during your one-hour-a-day will depend on how intensely you focused during that hour. Look at the following formula: Work Accomplished During Your One-Hour-A-Day = Time x Intensity For our purposes, time will equal one (you’re going to be devoting one-hour-a-day to the achievement of your goals) and you’ll be measuring your intensity from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most intense). You want to do everything that you can in order to get your intensity to 10. Ask yourself the following three questions:
Did you work on the 
vidtasia review that you identified the day before as the most important task to work on for the hour?
Was all of your attention and focus on the task at hand throughout the entire hour?
Did you allow anyone or anything to interrupt you?
Were you working at your optimal energy level? If you’re not using your hour a day efficiently, you need to create a plan for making your hour more efficient. Ask yourself questions such as the following:
Why am I not working on my most important task for the hour?
Why am I not fully focused during my one-hour-a-day?
How can I put a stop to these interruptions?
How can I increase my energy level during my one-hour-a-day? Do I need to drink a glass of water at the start of the hour or eat something?
If I have too much energy during my one-hour-a-day to function properly—for example, I feel anxious and stressed—how can I feel more relaxed during my hour?

Lastly, you need to measure whether you’re moving toward the achievement of your goal. For example, if you decide to use your one-hour-a-day to exercise in order to lose weight, it’s not enough to record whether or not you exercised on any particular day, the duration, and the intensity of your work-out. You also have to keep track of whether or not you’re losing weight, and how much weight you’ve lost. Here are more examples of tracking the outcome or the output of your one-hour-a-day:
Are you writing 250 words of your 
vidtasia review each time that you sit down to write for your one-hour-a day?
If your goal is to create a successful blog, is your blog traffic increasing? Are people subscribing to your blog?
If your goal is to create passive income during your one-hour-a-day, have you made any money yet?
If your goal is to learn to play a musical instrument, can you play any songs yet? Woody Allen once said that showing up is 80% of success. However, if you’re not using your onehour-a-day efficiently, or if you’re not moving toward the achievement of your goal even though you’re working on it for an hour-a-day, you’re not going to succeed. Keep track of the results that you’re achieving with your one-hour-a-day. If your results are less than stellar, then you know that you need to modify your approach.
When we were kids we were always told that we shouldn’t swim alone; we were admonished that it was important to always swim with a buddy. School teachers leading kids across a street always instruct each child to hold hands with another child. The “buddy system” is a big part of childhood. Kids navigate their way to adulthood by relying on each other. They know that there are many things which they won’t be able to do alone, but which they will be able to accomplish if they have a buddy to help them along. It’s too bad that we have a tendency to lose this wisdom as we grow up, because the buddy system is one of the best ways to get things done. As this chapter explains, one way to re-introduce the buddy system into your life as an adult is when it comes to making the best use of your one-hour-a-day. You’re going to add accountability to the one-hour-a-day formula by finding a buddy who will hold you accountable. However, you’re going to take things one step further. You’re going to create a list of questions that your buddy is going to ask you every day. Then, each night, your buddy is going to call you at a previously agreed upon time, or they’re going to send you an email, and they’re going to ask you those questions. Obviously, you’re going to have to answer. Here are some sample questions:
Did you show up for your one-hour-a-day today?
Was your space set up and was everything ready for you to get to work on your goal right away, or did you have to spend time looking for the supplies or materials that you needed or clearing off the space?
Did you work on the priorities that you had identified for today, or did you go off on a tangent or start working on lower priority tasks?
Did you allow anyone or anything to interrupt you while you were working on your task?
Did you place all of your attention on the work you were doing, or did you allow your mind to wander?

What progress did you make today toward the achievement of your goal?
Did you create a plan for how you’re going to use your hour tomorrow?
Can you take on more, or do you need to take smaller steps?
Did you take a moment to set everything up for tomorrow’s one-hour-a-day?
How can you use your one-hour-a-day more effectively tomorrow than you did today?


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