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If you don’t value yourself and value your time then no one else will. If you’ve paid me for an hour’s consultation and you turn up on the call ten minutes late then you’re getting 50 minutes of my time NOT an hour. Likewise if you trust me enough to spend your hard-earned money buying this vidstory review then you’re going to get ten times the amount back in value because that’s how much time I’ve put into the research and writing of it.

We all get the same amount of time in a day of course, so what’s the difference between the time of a successful person and someone who isn’t successful? There CAN only be one difference if the amount of time is the same for the billionaire and the beggar… …and that’s what each of them DO with their given time If you’re trying to build a business while holding down a 9-5 job you’re likely to view your time on a hourly rate because chances are that’s how your 9-5 salary is worked out If you earn ú10 an hour then that’s the amount you’ll mentally need to dump before you start to earn more than that.

That’s NOT your true hourly rate when you’re working in your own business It’s not as hard as it sounds. You just need to STOP doing things that waste your time or earn you less than this amount. Here’s an example… I hired my first support person when I realised I was working four hours a DAY answering my support emails.

In terms of an hourly rate I was earning precisely zero from that activity. Once I hired my support I freed up 20 hours a week. In those first twenty hours a week I conceived and created a continuity course than brought me $10,000 a month as soon as it was launched It doesn’t take a maths genius (luckily because I’m not) long to work out that my hourly rate for those twenty hours was $500 an hour.

But it took me a couple of months to realise that I needed to free myself up and hire support staff. So if we presume it took me two months to work this out then actually take action… …then that procrastination cost me $20,000 in lost revenue - two month’s worth of continuity payments. (That’s why I move fast when I take action these days - it COSTS me not to!) Here’s another example - I don’t do launches these days.

Instead my vidstory review is about recruiting freebie-seekers (yes I said a dirty word!) and gradually turning them into fans and then buyers within my own internal funnels. Why? Well because it’s a much more cost-effective use of my time to sell my new products to people who already think I’m great than it is to spend time trying to convince people who don’t know me from Adam. Cost-effective is how I value my time.

If something is going to COST me to do, then usually there’s something wrong with that scenario so I’ll outsource or find another way When you’ve done this for a while you’ll find that if YOU value your time then other people will value it too. And if they don’t, then you just do business with people who DO. As for those people who complain that your products, coaching, consultancy or whatever are too expensive… …well the chances are they’re broke and actually upset about their own situation not complaining about yours.

If I find someone who I KNOW can generate profit for my business then I’ll pay whatever consultancy fee they ask. This is maybe the single biggest reason I see for people not reaching their success potential…but first consider the following: You’re an adult. You may have children or a spouse. You may have bought a house or a car.

You’ve probably been through unpleasant times such as having to care for a sick relative or had to help or even be solely responsible for the paperwork following the death of a parent or grandparent. Having to handle the legal side of things when my dad died was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. My mum was obviously too upset to think straight but if you’ve ever been in this situation you’ll know that as soon as someone dies the paperwork starts.

Funeral arrangements, death certificates, insurance policies, the will, solicitors and everything else…it’s totally overwhelming at a time when you’re grieving, right? Yet people handle this situation every day So why can’t these same people make a simple decision about launching a new product, or buying some traffic, or deciding on a niche? It’s not even in the same universe when it comes to decision making? Here’s the cold hard truth.

To be successful in business you need to take action. LOTS of action. And that all starts with deciding WHAT action to take. Dan Kennedy says that (for example) if you need traffic, don’t just buy a Bing ad… You should buy the Bing, recruit some affiliates, do some blog posting, take out some media buys, contact JV partners, arrange ad placements on other peoples pages, hire some banner space, run special offers in forums, hire an SEO guy, take out newspaper ads, give away free viral audio, video and reports, use Youtube, create a Facebook page and a dozen MORE things.

Yet I’ve worked with people who take a week to decide to run a single Bing ad campaign. That’s nowhere near fast enough. That decision should take less than a minute to make and less than an hour to have up and running. You have to move fast when you’re running a business. Get your ad campaign (or whatever you’re doing) up and live FAST…and then you can tweak it as it’s live.

Here’s a bit of advice I was give that probably changed my life If you’re finding that every decision takes you days or longer to make there’s something wrong with your vidstory review. Worse, you need to cut your losses and fold your business right now I make decisions in seconds. It’s counter-intuitive in terms of how you’ve been brought up I expect, because it was for me too.

My dad, who I loved dearly and taught me a lot was hilarious to watch when he was making decisions. He didn’t intent to be, but it became a family joke. If he was buying a new car (was normally a second or third hand car car but new to us because we didn’t have too much money as a family) he’s go and view the potential purchase, test drive it and like it. Me? I’d have bought it there and then if it passed my judgement test.

But my dad liked to come home and think about it for a few days before going back to make the purchase he’d really decided upon when he first saw the car. Half the time the car had sold to someone else because my dad could pick a bargain. But he felt he needed the time to sit back and reflect on it because it was a serious decision.

And it was - of course it was - because we were broke - but spending time thinking about the decision made no difference whatsoever to the facts. The facts were it looked good but it might be a pig under the bonnet. It seemed to run OK but might have problems we couldn’t detect with a 20 minute test drive. Or it might be an absolute bargain.

The fact that he was away from the car thinking about it meant that he actually wan’t doing anything proactive and nothing was changing. It was because he’d been brought up ‘not to rush into anything’ In my opinion that doesn’t work in business. Money loves activity. Money loves speed. And by spending day after day thinking then rethinking your decision all you’re doing is giving yourself reasons NOT to do anything.

YES this may mean you don’t make mistakes or bad decisions. But think on this - one bad decision rarely wipes out a business! Unless you’re Donald Trump most decisions you’ll make to move your business forward are small ones, such as what kind of logo you want for your website, what percentage you should give your affiliates or when you’re going to launch your product.

These can be made in minutes, and the appropriate action taken - outsource something or book in a slot with your affiliate or whatever you need to do The point is that you need to make decision fast so the action can begin. If you’re not doing this, it could explain why you’ve been twiddling your thumbs business-wise for the last year and not really gotten anywhere.

There’s no workaround this either unfortunately. You can’t outsource your decision making. You have to do it yourself, at least at this stage. One of the ways I help clients with this is by rationalising WHY they’re reluctant to take decisions. In most cases it comes down to two things: 1. Fear of failure 2.

Fear of what others might think A an example let’s look at someone who won’t make the decision (and therefore won’t take the action) to launch a new product. Usually the reasons will be that they’re afraid people won’t like it or buy it and ultimately it will fail. By thinking in this way you’re living your life for other people not for yourself If that’s OK with you then I’ll wish you the best of luck, but if you want to live a life of fulfilment and satisfaction you need to stop worrying what other people think and do it NOW 


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