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Growing the value of your customer relationships while also converting new vidnimation review can be a tough challenge. Benefits of email marketing include:
Maximizing Your Marketing ROI
Email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media
For only a few pennies, email can drive traffic to your storefront or Website
It's six to 12 times less expensive to sell to an existing customer than to a new one
Increasing Customer Loyalty & Profitability
Deeper relationships drive profitability
Email is an easy and inexpensive way of establishing early and long-lasting relationships
Send newsletters, promotions, new service announcements or event invitations

Driving More Sales Conversions
Gently lead a prospect through the sales process, provide important data and drive the
prospect to your Website
Email marketing allows you to communicate at Internet speed
Campaign response generally occurs within 48 hours
Improving Tracking & Feedback
Most types of marketing and advertising are difficult to measure
With email, everything can be tracked
See who clicked on certain links and much more
Get valuable feedback as you strive to grow your startup or any business from home

Well, you've made it through the guide and I know that some of it seems common sense but you'd be surprised how many marketers forget to incorporate these fundamental principals into their marketing efforts! Having said that, there are some "slightly sneaky and wildly smart ways that you can help drastically increase your open rates and click rates...So, without further ado, let's jump in shall we?
SURVEYS! What are they? Well, in simple terms they are specific forms that you send your list to that ask very specific questions of them..
So, as an example, you send your list a link to your vidnimation review with the following question: "What do you need to improve most in your business to succeed?" and the options for them to tick (keeping it short and quick) are:
1) Traffic Generation (Free)
2) Traffic Generation (Paid)
3) Product Creation
4) Sales Funnel Creation & Optimization
5) Website/Blog Creation

Now all your subscribers need to do is to tick which option they believe is right for them, and ultimately you receive priceless data which you can use to laser target your list with offers that specifically suit THEM as individuals! Now, that is what I call powerful! After all, these are people we are talking about here. People with problems in their lives, and people that are turning to you to solve them. Why on earth would you want to go for the "one glove fits all" approach with your offers when you can send out an offer that is preselected (by them through the survey) to solve their issue or problem. Now, I know that surveys are not new to the marketplace. Nor are they some amazing silver bullet that solves everything. What they are however, is a tool that can be used to increase your open rates and click rates in a massive way, when used correctly. Based on my last sentence, I am going to show you how I utilize surveys CORRECTLY to achieve the great results that you would have seen on my sales page video. I feel I can best explain by pointing out the 5 mistakes marketers are making to commit survey suicide, which leads to average or little to no positive results at all in terms of open rates and click rates. Whilst I am going to list 5 mistakes, please note that the first 3 are the most influential and most important!
5 Survey Suicide Mistakes
1) Not Segmenting Your List After Survey Results
2) No Pre Invitation For the Survey
3) Incorrect Survey Invitation Email Structure
4) No Definitive Purpose For The Survey
5) Creating Too Many Choices For Subscribers Now that you know the 5 main mistakes that are made, lets dive in a little deeper into each one and analyze them in greater detail!

Not Segmenting Your List After Survey Results: This, my friends, is a KILLER!! Even though this mistake only plays out after the survey has been conducted, it literally makes everything you just did in the survey essentially useless. I will tell you why...I feel that most marketers go through all the steps of setting up the survey, inviting their subscribers to take part, gathering all the feedback and then CONTRADICT the very reason for conducting the survey by sending their list an offer that is suited to the highest percentage answer from their survey!! So if we take the options for a survey from my above example and say 60% chose "Product Creation" as their most important next step in their vidnimation review and you then send your list a product creation course, you are essentially slapping the other 40% of your list in the face. Would you like to be treated like that? To take the time to voice your opinion as a subscriber, only to have a non related product offer be sent to you? I think not...Can you say UNSUBSCRIBE! So, as email marketers, how do we fix this mistake? Simple. Once you gather the data from your survey, USE it to SEGMENT your list so that all your offers are highly targeted and your subscribers feel like you are speaking directly to them! To use another example... If you had the following results from a survey (using my example survey options again):
1) Traffic Generation (Free) (5% chose this option)
2) Traffic Generation (Paid) (10% chose this option)
3) Product Creation (30% chose this option)
4) Sales Funnel Creation & Optimization (40% chose this option)
5) Website/Blog Creation (15% chose this option) I would take the above data and create 5 separate lists in my autoresponder to allow me to laser target my audience when sending them future offers, articles, coaching courses etc etc.
Now of course you have to use your initiative and logic when making certain decisions as well all know that marketing is not black or white all the time. So, if from your survey results you had one option sitting at 98% then I would simply accept that the other 2% will receive slightly less related offers. this decision would also be influenced by how many subscribers that 2% consisted of. When starting out, 2% may mean 2 subscribers (at which point I would take the above mentioned approach). However, if 2% meant 100 subscribers then it's fully worth creating a separate list for the 2%. After all, once you know what your segmented lists want specifically, it's extremely quick to go find a related affiliate offer for them. To finish off on this point I want to note that this will take more work than a "one glove fits all" approach but in the long run you will make more money, have more consistency and you will get these results for doing less work. Why? Well because once you have a working survey in place, you can add it as a follow up message in your autoresponder and let it do its thing for you on auto pilot!
No Pre Invitation For the Survey When you have a barbeque at your house, (or a braai as it is traditionally known in South Africa where I live) do you invite your guests 10 minutes before it starts? I'm guessing not..So why would you invite your most valuable business asset (your list) to take part in your survey without inviting them in advance?? This is a hugely important step that must be taken to ensure you get as much feedback as possible. Like most things in online marketing, it is essential to warm up your list / audience before sending them the offer in question (in our case a survey). Your subscribers will also respect you for officially inviting them in advanced. This step is skipped all too often and one can see this in the results! Lastly, remember that even if you automate this step, it can still feel personal to the recipient, and this is what we want (and what they want!)
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