Vidify Review – Leverage the Power of Video Marketing

Vidify Review – Leverage the Power of Video Marketing

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Let me ask you: do you believe in the “Law of Attraction?”The teachings from the famous DVD, The Secrets?I do, but not exactly the way it’s being taught. Well, that’s another story.The reason I brought it up is because the abundance mindset has a lot of similaritieswith the Law of Attraction.In summary, the Law of Attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attractslike" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring aboutpositive or negative results. Well, that’s what Wikipedia says, anyway.With the abundance of opportunity mindset, it means that opportunities will never runout. It’s unlimited. Like sands at the beach, water in the vidify review . Get what I mean?If opportunities are unlimited, isn’t it fair for me to say that we can ALWAYS createwealth whenever we want?There is never lack of opportunities in today’s time.Take the example of writing this book.In the past, in order to write a book, someone had to have writing talent. I’d alsoneed to speak with book publishers and would have a hard time of thinking how topromote it.Today, it’s different. I’m “writing” not as a writer, but as someone who is sharing hisexperience and knowledge.It’s being “self-published” on the Internet. All I did was just PDF it. And promoting itwasn’t that hard because the world is all now “connected”. I don’t even need aphysical bookstore to promote it.As you can see, opportunity exists everywhere. Ideas could now be turned into casheasily. Turned into wealth.There are many people today who do not have jobs because they’re making moneyby trading stocks, investing in properties or running their own Internet businesses athome. They are their own bosses.The question is: do you have the psychology to support yourself?Again, it goes back to mastering CERTAINTY.Can you strongly agree that there’s abundance of opportunities? If you can, then thenext step is answering the question of…How do you attract them into your life?

Now that I’ve made it clear that opportunities are indeed in abundance, I’m going togo behind the rationality of this psychology – why this can help you to becomewealthy.You see, in order for you to make an immense amount of wealth, you need otherpeople to help you. It’s too much work on your own.I’ll be sharing a strategy later on in this book, but for now stay with me on thischapter of psychology.NODOBY likes to work with people who work in vidify review, who are not confident in whatthey’re doing.That’s what scarcity does to people – it injects fear in them.

While abundance creates confidence.If you’re not confident in yourself or your own idea, what is the likelihood that otherswill have the confidence in you?Your opportunity will fall to pieces.The other problem of scarcity is that it takes you to desperate mode.When you’re desperate, you do stupid things. It clouds your mind to think sharply. Itconfuses your own judgment.I like being in abundance mode because it allows me to be free - not chained to justone option.When my emotions and mind are free, I have creativity, happiness and energy.Creativity to think of ideas and expand on opportunities.Obviously, you need to be happy to achieve ANYTHING in life. How can you workwhen you’re not happy?When I wake up in the morning and I know I am free, I have energy to do what I like.I’m not bound to other people’s rules. I call my own shots.

Realize it or not, you’re regularly being persuaded by others to fit into their ownopportunities.When I was younger, I remember I had an ex-girlfriend who didn’t know how to say“no” to her friends. So she’d always end up agreeing to her friends invitations all ofthe time. Then she’d complain to me that she doesn’t like going out that often withthem, but she is forced to do so because she feels bad turning them down. Inactuality, we all have the privilege to say “no” to others.In order for you to achieve success, you’ll be using your most valuable commodity ofall – TIME. This commodity is given to everyone equally; it just depends on how wellyou manage it. Or spend it.In the beginning stages, you’ll use a lot of time to build your wealth. Then later on,you can use money and influence to replace time. That will eventually allow you tobecome successful – when you’re able to have money to live your lifestyle, and yetyou are no longer using a lot time to make money. Ultimately, being a WakeUpMillionaire is about having total control of your time.When you are unable to reject to others, others are taking up your time. This ofcourse will slow you down in reaching success and making your million dollars.And guess what? You do not have the power to reject if you do not have theabundance mindset. You’re forced to obey others.Imagine this…When you know that there will be another opportunity waiting for you, you’ll never beworried about losing opportunities.Miraculously, when you’re able to see things abundantly, more opportunities willcome to you too. Now, that’s when the Law of Attraction is set into motion.

Note: I’m not suggesting you to have an ignorant attitude. That’s a surefire way

to be a failure in life.So how do train your mind to see and think things in abundance?I use the word “train” because it really means training your brain -- you’ll now need tolet your brain interpret events differently.

Training Your MindYou see, whatever good things happen to you, you can either assume that it’s veryhard for that to happen or it just happened easily, naturally.For instance, a salesperson who closed a million dollar sales deal.It was hard for him – it took him three years working at his sales job to reach thislevel. It was very challenging to present the sales pitch to the prospect and finallygotten him to sign the deal.Or…It was very easy for him. He just made the phone call and arranged an appointment.He met up with the client, talked a little bit and got the sales deal.Do you see that both are correct and they’re both the truth?But it depends on which part you want to train your brain to focus on.So if your brain chooses the easier option, it should be able to see how easy theopportunity came by. And this opportunity will surely come again because it’s soeasy to make happen.Like, I could say that writing this book is a tough vidify review . Or I could say it’s easy becauseall I need to do is to spend about two weeks writing it and sharing my ideas.Here’s the caveat – it’s really up to me to DECIDE whether two weeks is a lot of hardwork or if it’s very easy.The thing is this: you simply don’t get anything by accepting it as hard work.Nobody’s going to shed sympathy for you. In a nutshell, there’s NO TRUEADVANTAGE for training your mind to evaluate matters to be complicated, whenthey can be considered easy work.You need to train your brain to accept that there’s never been lack of opportunities.Right now, this instant – there are opportunities waiting for you. No kidding. I’m noteven suggesting positive thinking here, but to relay a valid fact.We’ll talk more about opportunities in the later chapters, but here are someopportunities right under your nose…Do you know of anyone who owns a business selling “something,” a product orservice? If that’s true, you’re just a phone call away from an opportunity.Do you use the Internet? The Internet is like the “land of opportunities” in itself.Do you have some money with you that can be invested in stocks or real estate?

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