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Well, maybe I can do a "lunch and learn" over the phone. The challenge there is that a conference call is a conference call, and if you are doing a presentation, they really don’t see your slides. It’s
just not as good. Maybe I need to be able to do a conference call and be able to do
a presentation. That sounds a lot like a webinar. I have done hundreds and hundreds of video titan 3.0 review. I have done hundreds of seminars and presentations. I am very comfortable presenting to C-level executives, vice presidents, and presidents. So, I know Ican put together a presentation. Can I do itin a webinar? Can I harness the value of the "lunch and learn" concept and do itiwebinarIhavetobeableto provide them something that would be  valuable enough for them to really want to take part in it. I can’t come out and just pitch my product. I have done that before and  it’s worn out.I have done training sessions, free training sessions—“Come learn how to use our product better. Come see what we have that's new. Come see what our new 
video titan 3.0 review are...”—and the customers are just too busy. If they want to know what your features are, they will go to your website, they will Google you, and they will wait until you send them the e-mail or the newsletter. They are not going to give you hours of their time to sit and learn about your new product offering. So, how do I do this? What do I do? I have got to have some content. I can do it over lunch; that way, the boss isn’t upset a b o u t t h e m m i s s i n g t i m e. They see that they are in training on
their computer at work or at home or in their office. So, I can do
it over lunch; that would be good.
W h a t Is the Bribe?
I have got to come up with a good topic. I have got to figure out how to get them to attend, because even the world’s best topic is not necessarily going to get them on the webinar. Some people will attend because they are very interested in whatever that topic is, but not most people. You are going to have to bribe them to get them on the webinar. So, what do I have that can be a good bribe? Looking around my office, I have DVDs and brochures, and those are all expensive and
take time to put together and setup. I have certifications, and companies like Cisco, Microsoft, HP do a very good job of driving their customers' interest through having their employees certified. Maybe I can do that. I have taken a lot of certifications. I did 23 certifications in 24 months, and even though that was 12 to 15 years ago, I still have those certifications hanging on the walls in
my office.Maybe I can do a certification—get them trained on our product,and then they could hang this certification in their office or in their cubicle. They could use that as justification for why in their
next performance review they should get an increase. At the very least, they will have had some continuing education. 
That’s a good idea. Certification would be a good idea, but a certification by itself? I don’t think that’s going to be enough.What do I do to get more? What puts this over the top? A friend of mine once said, “You would be amazed at what people will do for a free T-shirt.” I know that when I am at sporting events and they are throwing the video titan 3.0 review  out in the crowd, I standup just like every other idiot, reaching out and practically trying to break my neck to grab a free T-shirt. If free T-shirts are really that valuable, is there a way for me to be able to provide that, to be able to provide a free T-shirt? That’s a good idea, free T-shirts. Everybody really wants a free T-shirt,plus they get the certification so they get something for themselves—they get something for their work, for their continuing education, they get some great training and a t-shirt is a walking billboard.So… I have got to have great content, a certification, and a free Tshirt.

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