Video Niche Domination Review – Rank on page one every single time

Video Niche Domination Review – Rank on page one every single time

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 The video niche domination review is what basically sells your product. A poor sales page can kill sales… period. So if you are not a copywriter… hire one Yes, they are expensive. Some copywriters who are just starting out will give you a break because they are trying to make a name for themselves. If you want to save some money, ask for samples of their work before you hire them.

You may not be able to write copy that sells, but you should be able to recognize crap from quality. You can look for some more affordable copywriters on the Warrior Forum for anything from $200 and upwards. Some Warriors will give you a big break and some are just looking to get samples for their portfolio and will write good copy at a great price.

Having said that, you should have the best sales page that you can afford, because even with targeted traffic, if your sales page is weak, you won’t get many sales… if any at all. Thank You Pages Depending on the affiliate network you use to sell your product, you may require 'thank you' pages. Thank you pages are simply a web page with a link to your product download on there.

JV Page A JV Page is a page designed to inform potential affiliates about your Launch. Creating a JV page The JV page is where potential affiliates will go to sign up for your Upcoming digital product launch… But before we explain how we design our JV pages for our launches, let's go over the basic elements of the JV page 1. Product cover 2. Your name, date of the launch, etc 3.

A Brief description of the product 4. An explanation of the sales funnel – price, commissions, upsells, etc 5. A button to request their affiliate links 6. An opt-in form for affiliates to leave you their email 7. Email swipes, banners 8. Your photo near the bottom of the page Outsourcing the JV Page Not good at web design or graphics design? Hire someone who can do it for you.

Well if you ask me, it’s easy. Just mention the essential things related to your product in the JV page. Design Your Own JV Page with Squeeze Page Software’s What do many people use for their JV pages? OptimizePress 2.0 or LeadPages Both are really good software’s that allow you to create professional video niche domination review in a very short amount of time.

Adding Bonuses Bonuses add value to your product, but ONLY if the bonuses are in some way related to your product and actually complementing it. You know what a great bonus is? A great bonus is one that is so fantastic that you buy the product just to get the bonus. So when you’re deciding on bonuses to add to your product to increase the value of the product, think about what you would like to have if you were looking for a bonus. To increase the value of your product, ask from your fellow successful marketers to give their products as a bonus to your paid product.

Testimonials Testimonials are a must when you are just starting out. Even a non-customer will buy your products watching testimonials of real peoples. You have to prove customers what are they loosing if they don’t buy it. You are showing the buyers what your products can do for them. It’s highly beneficial posting testimonials of real people in your sales pages.

So where can you find people who will see your product and will give you an honest review Through Warrior Forum Head over to the Warrior Forum... (Yes, it's our best friend!) and go to the “Wanted – Members Looking to Hire You” section as shown below: It costs only $ 5 to post your “Reviewers Wanted” ad, and it’s worth it if you ask me and here you can ask for as many reviews as you want. Ask for 10-15 reviewers. First come first serve ...BUT...only give review access to people who have been a part of the Warrior Forum for longer than a year, and have at least 100+ posts on the forum.

Payment processor/Affiliate network Warrior plus and Jvzoo is in trend now. You also want to get affiliates who will promote your product that’s why payment processor is a must. You just can’t throw your own paypal button out there. Every affiliate network will contain a “marketplace”, which is a list of products being sold through that network.

Affiliates can look through the marketplace to decide what to promote. JVZoo and W+ will process payments using your Paypal account, enabling you to get paid instantly. JVZoo is free to use, but they will take a small percentage commission of each sale. The good thing about that is, if your first product doesn’t sell so well, you’ll not lose any money.

Inside the JVZoo sellers dashboard you can easily setup your products (their interface is self explanatory) and funnels. Simply share your ”affiliate details page” link from the seller’s dashboard with affiliates and they’ll be able to promote for you. Getting Affiliates It’s the key for a successful product launch. More affiliates results in more sales just making you more buyer’s lists.

Submit To Product Launch Boards Why? Because launch boards are where big time affiliates hang out to look for product launches to promote that day. Affiliates are humans, and they want to make the money possible with their email lists, so they'll visit launch boards on a daily basis to find a good launch that fits their list. Especially for your first launch, you'll have to post your launches and get the affiliates to come to you.

This will become a lot easier for your 2nd and 3rd launches, etc. because you'll be able to contact the affiliates who promoted for you on your 1st launch directly on Facebook or email instead of sitting around waiting for affiliates. Where to Post? MunchEye - WarriorJV - These two launch boards are enough for your 1st product launch and it won’t cost you a dime to post there, it’s free.

So just create your accounts on both those sites, and follow the steps to submit your product launch and you'll have to give a link to the JV page. Submit To Launch Board FB Groups Facebook is another great place to find affiliates. MunchEye and WarriorJV also have FB groups that allow you to post your launch on there Launch Day If you're launching with the Warrior Forum only, then make sure you submit your sales thread one day before your launch (it takes few hours to them to approve your thread) then once you're approved simply wait until the exact time you're about to launch to pay the small listing fee. As soon as you pay the listing fees your product will be live in the WSO section.

If you have reached out to affiliates directly via email or Facebook, make sure to remind them again that your launch is LIVE! Also, if you've added an opt-in form on your JV page then send an email to your affiliates email list using your autoresponder. Tips From Me Now you are ready to see the sales coming in. The toughest part is to get Jvs on the board for your launch, so if it’s your 1 st launch I highly recommend you to contact video niche domination review through Facebook, Skype build a good relationship with them help them when needed, ask them to become an affiliate for your upcoming launch.

Also give them your review copy so that they feel it’s a product which will benefit their subscribers.



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