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In some point of your video keyword spy review you probably have tried to personally sell high ticket products to clients, right? So you already know how difficult it is, and what the feeling is, when you hear the phrase ‘NO, I am not interested, but will call you if I need your services.’
And well, to be honest, they never even will think of calling you again. That’s because you are not talking to the right clients at the right moment. It’s almost impossible to go to someone and say „Hey client, would you give me 50 bucks and I will create some site for you, or get you X leads“, or anything like this. It just doesn’t work like that.
And what if you are selling high priced products? Well this tactic doesn’t work at all! But the bunch of marketers out there are trying to get their clients in exactly that manner. Me as well. I have done that stupid mistake over and over again! This is where the “997 Method” comes in place. Imagine if you can get clients to ASK you to call them and offer them your service. You think it is impossible? Well it isn’t, and the method I will reveal to you today will exactly show you how to do that and have clients waiting for you in your inbox every single morning you wake up.

So, here is the concept: You won’t do any cold calling
Or any flyer marketing. The process of the “997 Method” is as simple as the graphic below, and it can be implemented from everyone, no matter if you are a complete newbie, or an experienced sales man:

A lot of you are probably wondering how we will get high paying clients from Facebook and how we will build brand awareness with about 5 to 10 bucks per day budget. I will share some of the key points in this subchapter, because the ad creation and all the
“secrets” will be revealed in Chapter 2, which is dedicated to just Facebook ads setup, does and don’ts and all the nitty gritty stuff.
Basically our main goal (except driving high targeted traffic to our offer) with Facebook Ads is to grow brand awareness. A quick example: What about if your name is “Peshka Pashov”. Just a random funny name. And with such a name you probably will be unique.

Imagine that you are walking down the street and you see an ad saying: “Hey ‘Pesgka Pashov’, would you be interested in doubling your income by the next month?”.
How would you act in a situation like this? Would you write down the phone number in your smartphone or notebook and call the
“ad person” for more information on how to double your 
video keyword spy reviewOr imagine if you are surfing Facebook. And you see that ad? Would you click to see what’s inside? Well, you probably will. And that’s what we will do. Actually we don’t know the names of our clients, but we know what their profession is. So instead of “Peshka Pashov”, just replace that with “Real Estate Agents”, or “Dentists” or any profession you want. This will increase the user attention by multiple times! And that’s what everyone out
there is trying to do with their ads. We will be even more specific and target only a small group of people of Dentist for
example, and by the way I haven’t seen anyone to target this way. So, let’s keep the long story short, and move on, because in module 2 we will dig into the ad creation process from A to Z in every tricky detail.

Well as mentioned already, it is unbelievably stupid to try selling to someone a product for $500+, without offering any guarantee or even knowing if this person is interested in your service. And as I say stupid, don’t get this personally, because I have done this exact mistake over and over again without realizing what the reason for failing is. And because I love examples here is one more. I am sure you will confirm with it: You say to your client this: “Hey client, would you buy a web site creation service from me for $500 bucks, I am really good, you can check my portfolio, and yeah, I offer you 1 month free support, but then no guarantee”.
And you will say Yes to this sales pitch right? I am just kidding.
We don’t want to take FREE flyers on the street, what about giving $500+ to a stranger. There should be another way to do it! And that’s what we will do. We will wait for our clients to contact us. We will wait for them to say “Hey seller, I am interested, give me some more information about your service”. And every morning you wake up you will see these emails waiting for you in the inbox.
But a new problem is growing! What you should do when you see the emails in your inbox? Directly offering your $500
per month service? Of course not! Here is where our third component comes in place.

Well this is the time to offer something for free, or something really cheap, part of your service.
If you are a web designer, how about offering a Facebook Fan page cover design for as little as 19 bucks? Or if you are a mentor, how about offering a free 20 minutes skype coaching? You should melt the ice! The client should see that you are good in your job, that you are doing it on time, and you are actually helping him in growing his business. Isn’t that the reason he is looking for a mentor, or a designer, or a SEO specialist? It is because he wants to beat the competition. To gain new customers. And you will be
there exactly for this only reason. But you need to start small, really small! Offering a service for more than $20 or $30 bucks means that you are risking to lose that client. I will cover in much more details the unrefusable offer in Chapter 4, where we will talk about how to come with an idea, how exactly to price it and what actually to write to your client. But the basic concept is that.
This is something like a WSO (Warrior Special Offer – special offers in the Internet Marketing forum called “Warrior Forum”). You are selling a service for a lot cheaper than it actually costs, and your 
video keyword spy review is to win a customer for life.

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