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Step By Step Guide To Success
Step 1 : Enroll in PPL programs
The first step in this process is to get your video express review set up. Go to the Pay Per Lead Insider group on facebook here:

Click on the files tab in the group and then open up the PPL Programs Master List.xlsx. This is the curated spreadsheet with approved PPL programs. You should see a spreadsheet like the following:

This spreadsheet shows the various PPL programs that you can enroll in. Simply click on the “Link to sign up to the PPL Program” for the program of your choosing.As for choosing a program, I’d simply say that you should go for the ones with the highest “Earning per lead”. But also make sure
the program is “single opt in” I’ve personally found that I make more money on the Single Opt In programs but feel free to try any of them out.
A personal favorite that I have used is Yadira Barbosa’s Easy Cash Leads program (still active as of 04/01 /201 5) so feel free to consider that one “extra verified” ;)
Once you’ve signed up, feel free to message the program owner on Facebook to expedite the approval process. Once you are approved, you’ll be given account access and be able to login. Once you login, grab the referral URL from account page. Copy that referral URL down, you’ll need it later. See the example screenshot below:
Step 2: Get your autoresponder set up
The second step in this process is to get your autoresponder up and running. Your autoresponder will allow you to start gathering the email addresses of your subscribers. There are numerous services that you can use, here’s a list of some popular autoresponders:
I personally have been using Aweber since I first started getting into video express review and haven’t looked back. That being said, I have heard good things about all of these services from several of my colleagues in the internet marketing field. Most of these services have a free 30 day trial or allow you to get started for just $1 . Believe me however the cost of these autoresponders is well worth the money. I should also note that ListWire is a completely free service.
For the purposes of this guide I’m going to assume you have Aweber but all of these other AutoResponders will follow the same general template.

First, in Aweber, we’re going to create a new list. Start by logging into Aweber and clicking “Manage Lists” in the top right corner. Then click on the “Create A List” button.

On the next page you’ll need to fill out some basic information about yourself. Pay careful attention to the sender email. This will be the email that people in your list will be seeing it as from. Once done click “Next Step” and again enter the basic information required on the next page. Then click “Next Step” one last time. On the next page just immediately scroll to the bottom and click “Approve Message & Create List”. Once the page loads, you’ll see your new list selected as the Current List. Now again near the top right, hover over the List Options menu and select List Settings.
On the new page, click on the “Confirmed Opt­In” button and then scroll down to Step 2 where it says, “Require Opt­In on Web Forms” and toggle the button so that it says “Off”. This will disable the pesky double confirmation on your list (which hurts the overall number of subscribers to your list). You should do this for every list you create from now on. Make sure to save your settings at the bottom of the page!
Ok awesome! Now you have your very own email list. Now you need to create a web form. This will allow you to place a list subscriber opt­in form wherever you please on your website. Whenever someone enters their email address into the form, their email will get added to your list and you’ll be able to send them emails! Start by clicking the Sign Up Forms button at the top of the page. Click the “Create Your First Sign Up Form” button. On the next page, you’ll want to follow the screenshot below as a template. Click the X button on form elements as shown below so that only the email field and sign up button remain. Then click the “Goto
Step 2” Button. On the next page, you can enter a name for your form and select a video express review for the user to goto after he or she has subscribed. You should select your thank you page that you made earlier so that when someone opts in to your list, they are automatically taken to your thank you page. Typically the confirm page will take the user to a “thank you” page that gives a download link to the free product that enticed the user to subscribe in the first place.
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