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Video chief green screen edition review

The first step is having a product. The second step is having Video chief green screen edition review – and the easiest way to get an audience is to find somebody who already markets to your target market. For instance, if I were going to try to teach people how to make money with WordPress, then I would reach out to somebody like Michael Dunlop, who already has an audience that’s very in tune with WordPress. I would just say, “Hey Michael, let’s do a webinar together.” Obviously, I would share a big portion of my sales with him. In information marketing, it’s customarily 50%. So, it’s a win-win situation. You get a premade audience that you don’t have to generate from scratch and the person you’re doing the webinar with gets a percentage of every sale that you make.
How to Set Up a Webinar I use a platform called GoToWebinar. It’s very simple. Sign up for an account and then make a PowerPoint presentation. I recommend a 60 minute webinar (probably 50 minutes of content, 10 minutes of promoting your product). Make sure that you give them very good content. Come the day of the webinar, fire up your GoToWebinar account and get your host on as a panelist. That way, only you two should be heard. You don’t want all the audience to be heard, so mute them out. The technology allows you to do a webinar for up to 1000 people at one time. Imagine the power of getting hundreds of people on a webinar, all seeing your screen and listening to your message.
The Day of the Webinar I wouldn’t wake up at two o’clock in the morning and then do a webinar that night. It’s nice to be coherent and well-rested. Leave yourself plenty of time before the webinar, because a lot of things happen. Sometimes the recording doesn’t boot up like it’s supposed to. Sometimes Windows
wants update and it shuts your computer down, right before the webinar. So, it’s always nice to start at least 30 minutes before, get it up, get it running, and do a couple of tests. Then, you can relax for the next 15 minutes. One time, I was eating dinner with my family and our daughter said, “Dad, don’t you have a webinar tonight?” I had completely forgotten and it was 10 minutes away. So I finished my mashed potatoes and then I went in and fired up the Video chief green screen edition review . I don’t recommend that you do that when you’re just starting out.
THE INTERACTIVITY OF WEBINARS People are trying to sell their products on a static web page. But one thing I love about webinars is that there’s so much interaction.
Event Atmosphere Think about the psychology of a live webinar: you’re actually getting people to come to an event. Since it’s an event, people actually stop what they’re doing and pay attention to you. That’s why I think that live webinars outsell videos. There’s something special about having a live event where you’re teaching them.
Polling A lot of people don’t use the poll function in a webinar, but it’s an excellent way to take the pulse of your audience. As people vote, you can actually show them the results live. The first question I ask is always a real icebreaker, like, “Do you think that webinars can help you in your online business?” Everybody’s going to answer, “Yes.” But the second question might be, “What obstacles do you see for using webinars in your business? Is it (A) the technology, (B) Filling your webinar, (C) Not knowing how to run a webinar, (D) Something else?” For one, a question like that gets people to admit that they don’t know everything that they need to know about webinars. It’s also social proof. They’re seeing that other people agree with them.
Exit Surveys I ask them, “Did you enjoy the 
Video chief green screen edition review?” Yes or no.
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