Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review – Hundreds of links to page 1 of Google

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review – Hundreds of links to page 1 of Google

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Whenever I do any form of video bookmarker 2.0 review , I have one thing in mind. I want to educate, entertain and give value to my subscribers…while making sales. So although I sell in 70% to 90% of all my emails, they still have some value in them. That’s how I like it. That’s how you can get people to look forward to reading your emails. That’s how you can effectively SELL in every email your write without pissing off subscribers.

If you want people to look forward to your emails and buy from you, make this principle yours too. These 7 email formulas follow this same principle. But before I finally reveal these 7 email formulas to you, there’s one thing you need to do before you write any email. A Little Research Before you can persuade anyone to buy something, you need to know a lot of things about the person. You need to know … What the like.

How they feel. What they really want. Fortunately, you can quickly dig up this information online. If you already know the niche, then you can skip this step, if not. Here’s what to do. Head to Google and search for “niche forum”. Replace the word niche, with the niche you are targeting. Here’s what I mean.

If you are writing a promo email for a parenting offer ice for the first time, head to Google and search for “parenting forum”. Click on one and dive into the website. Why are you doing this? So you can discover some things about the people you are writing emails to. Remember the more you know about someone, the easier it is to persuade the person. Email marketing is about persuasion.

And to persuade, you need to know stuff about the other people. You want sales right? Then do this. Just spend 10 minutes reading the most popular post on the forum. Usually, posts with lots of comments. You want to know: 1. The Emotional Condition Of The People Are they frustrated, angry or worried about something? Are they scared of something or of something happening? Are they ashamed of something or embarrassed? 2. What They Want? What do they really want? What do they want solved? Take note of words they use to describe their video bookmarker 2.0 review and wants.

Especially, emotional words. Here’re some examples. As you can see, most parents feel a lot of negative emotions with parenting. They are frustrated, worried and angry. So look for these emotional words in your niche. Like I said before, if you already know your market, then just go ahead and start using these 7 emails formulas to make sales.

If you don’t, take time to do simple this research. When you are done, you can then start crafting winning emails. Important Before I start here is 1 thing you must know. These 7 formulas are powerful and do work…but depends on you doing some things RIGHT. Like… 1. Matching Your Offers To The Right List This is very important so please take note.

To get maximum results and sales, send your marketing emails to people interested in you offers. This is marketing 101. It’s simple but very powerful. If you send the BEST email, written by 200 top copywriters, to people who are not interested in the offer, you will fail. For example, if you send an email with a List building offer to women who are only interested in losing weight, you will have mediocre results.

So please, build your list right. Learn these secret email formulas and use it to sales and profit. Formula 1: The Reporter Email Like the name implies this email just reports something to the reader. Like a journalist giving an account of news or event. It’s simple and quite popular. Say there’s a new product in the market and you want to promote it, all you do is go to the sales page and read through it.

You want to take note of the author’s name, some credibility information about the author. That’s who he is and what he has achieved. Also take note of stories he/she shares on the page. Then use what you find to craft an interesting email informing people about the offer. See an example below. Example 1 Here’s a live example of how I would write a Report Email. It’sfor a list building product. Go check it out and ->

Then take a look at the email I wrote for it below. Title – Man Builds 23 232 Subscriber In 8 Months For Free I just saw a new product released by a Guy- Bryan Harkins. He struggled to build an email list...and finally learnt how to do it...for FREE. In the process he Built a list of23 232 subscribers in 8 months. His product, List Building Breakthrough reveals his process.

In it you’ll discover… + The best ways to build a MASSIVE mailing list without spending a single penny on customer acquisition. + One simple free traffic generation video bookmarker 2.0 review that you would have NEVER thought of that will continue to bring in floods of traffic to your squeeze page for the rest of your life, and that’s if you only did it once.

Now imagine if you did it multiple times! + 3 incredibly powerful FREE traffic generation methods that are going to add 100+ subscribers to your mailing list on a daily basis. The first one will shock you! + The best paid traffic methods to start using once you are already making money from the list you built up for free. His 81 page training comes with some cool bonuses. See it here. link best name PS- If you are struggling to build a list, this might just be what will get you started.

Go check it out. I have done a few things in that email. a. I copied some of the words and bullets on the sales page to the email verbatim Why? For congruency. People will see same numbers, words, claims and bullets in the email and on the sales page. Example 2 Here’s another example. This time I’ll use my product. List Building Messiah – If I wanted to write an email promo for this as an affiliate, this is what I would write.

Title- New Way To (Legally) Build A List Using Other People's Efforts Someone just revealed a new way build an email list (legally) other people content and efforts. According to Mk Akan, the author, this training will help you build a list in any niche even if you know nothing about the niche. Meaning with his new system... ...You Can Enter The Golf Market, The Weight Loss Market Or (Any Market You Like) And Immediately Start Building YOUR List …Without Having Any Knowledge.

This is BOLD claim but worth checking out. few testimonials on the page proof his claim is true though. The training also promises to reveal simple ways to craft emails and email follow up using other people content. You even make $5- $100 daily in the process. So if you're scared of building a list because ofyou don’t know how to create content for your subscribers… want a revolutionary way you build your email list then you need to check this out.


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