Video ads traffic – The software that drives me to success

Video ads traffic – The software that drives me to success

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I would also make sure that I insert proper video ads traffic review (Which I got above) in the description field as well as in tagging.
Are You Afraid Of Making Videos:
I have got the perfect solution for you. ArticleVideoRobot is a software that converts your articles to videos instantly.Get a pack of PLR articles and convert them to live talking videos with “ArticleVideo Robot” within seconds. They even submit your videos to 13 video sites(Yes,13.Including Youtube,Metacafe and Dailymotion) for free.So you can create and submit 50 videos within one hour(Remember to change the TITLE of your videos to something similar to the popular ones in your niche before submitting). You can try “ArticleVideoRobot” FREE for 14 days.They provide an effective option of getting the most out of your article marketing effort.By using proper title as well as relevant keywords,you can literally double your traffic within days. Not many marketers have been able to use Youtube effectly.I was also averse to making videos.In fact I started using this method just one month ago(That too by converting my articles into videos). This method has huge outsourcing potential,you can get many to create videos for you at cheap rates.The beauty of the traffic from video marketing is that it’s residual in nature .Your videos may well be bringing in targeted traffic for years to come and it is so Scalable. You may easily outsource your video creation as well as submission work at cheap
rates.Here volume is the key and I feel that anyone with a little effort can generate $500+/day from Youtube alone.

xiii)Yahoo! Answers Traffic Stampede: With a
userbase of around 90 million Yahoo!Answers is the biggest online knowledge community.Hundreds of thousands of people use this resource everyday to find solutions to their problems.A lot of these people belong to the category “Potential Buyers”. By properly funneling this traffic to your sales pages,you can generate a steady amount of traffic .The best part is that like article and video marketing, traffic from Yahoo! Answers is also residual in nature and you can reap the benefits for months for your one time effort. First you need to signup.Go to 
video ads traffic review to create an account.You’ll be able to instantly create one if you already have a Yahoomail ID otherwise you’ll have to first create one.Once your account is created,you can complete your profile. Now go to the main Yahoo!answers page.Here questions are grouped and posted according to their subject matter.Choose questions related to your niche. Everytime you answer a question,you can include a link to your website as “source” in a secondary box that accompanies your response. t Yahoo!answers questions are placed in 3 categories:
These are the recently posted questions and need to be answered .You should focus your attention on these questions.Go to the search page and type your specific in the search box and view the results page.At the bottom of the page you’ll see an option of adding this specific search term in your RSS reader.After adding it to your RSS reader ,you’ll be able to receive the updates of questions posted in your niche. This will make it easy to be the no.1 to answer the questions.
Have got multiple answers and the community has been asked to vote for the best answer.

The best answer has been selected.
At Yahoo! answers questions are open for only 4 days. The poster may increase the period for a few days or close it before expiry. To make the most of your answering efforts, you should focus more on quality than on quantity because only the best answers get the most amount of attention. Search properly before answering any question .Your answers should be clear, concise and to the point. Your aim here should be to always produce the best answer and cement your reputation as an expert in your field. Never spam the community (including links at place other than the source box).

The traffic to these sites surges on the weekends so you would like to be especially active on those days.
Yahoo! answers enjoys a page rank of 8 and the discussions over there are frequently ranked in the top 10 of Google search results. By properly targeting an appropriate keyword,you can easily get in the first page of
search engines as well as enjoy long term SEO benefits(in form of quality backlinks) to your site. When it comes to dominating Yahoo! Answers,you’ll need to find a fine balance between quality and quantity.As I have already said before,never spam these sites.Instead you should focus on adding value to the community,while at the same time preparing your prospects to take the action of your choice. This process is very similar to article marketing.First you find 10-20 prominent keywords related to your niche(can be more in bigger niches).Then you craft your 
answer in such a way that your main keyword is included several times within it.However you should refrain from providing all the info in your answer itself.It should work like a bait to lure your prospects to your site,without sounding like spam.
Their Point and Level System:
To encourage participation and reward great answers, Yahoo! Answers has a system of points and levels. The number of points you get depends on the specific action you take.The points table below summarizes the point values for different action:

Below I would like to give you a step-by-step demonstration of this
First go to .You may need to register for a Yahoo! Account if you don’t own one.Anyway,it’ll take just a minute to register a new account.After registering,login to your Yahoo! Account and go to the above mentioned link. Once on the homepage,there is tab named “Browse Categories”.Just move your
cursor over it and it’ll show several sub-categories

If you want to answer questions in the “Make Money” niche,click on the “Business & Finance” link.It’ll show you a sublink named “Advertising &Marketing”,click on that
Under the “Advertising & Marketing” sublink,there are further two devisions: “Other-Advertising & Marketing” and “Search Engine Optimization”.I click on the first link and it takes me to a page where question related to marketing and advertising(both online and offline) are listed according to their time of asking.
Here you’ll find all kind of questions:those related to video ads traffic review,product creation,affiliate marketing,social media,e-mail marketing,paid surveys,MLMs,joint ventures,Craigslist,eBay selling,dropshipping and everything……
How To Construct A Perfect Answer:
Look at the screenshot above,there is a Facebook related question in the very end.A suitable answer can be something like: There are several ways to get more fans to your fan pages but the one I find the easiest is to join related groups,befriend other members and then subtly persuade them to join your fan page.

xiv)Easy Traffic Exchange” Traffic
A few established marketers may not agree with me when I say that you should add the traffic exchanges to your traffic getting resources list,but my experience says otherwise……
Traffic exchanges can still provide you plenty of traffic and in fact these are growing by leaps and bounds,some the biggest ones have 50,000-100,000 members. The people who say that this kind of traffic doesn’t work ,either don’t have any experience of these exchanges or they have done it the wrong way and wasted their efforts.
The truth is that you can get 50-100 and more subscribers per day from these exchanges for very little amount of work,if you know what you are doing.What about the quality of these leads? I would say that the quality is on par with any
other online traffic source if you build strong relationship.If you just try to push them offer after offer ,you are going to fail like in case of leads from any other traffic source.
One basic fact about these exchanges is that most of their members fall in the “newbie” category.Traffic exchanges can provide you with instant traffic if you learn to use them properly. Most people make the mistake of directly advertising
their product or affiliate links .This strategy is never going to work for you at traffic exchanges. You should always use a splash page(A fast loading squeeze page) while advertising at traffic exchanges. Attention spans are very short at these exchanges and you have to grab your visitors’ attention within 3-5 seconds. Traffic Exchanges doesn’t require you to have any specific skills. You can surf them in your free time. I advise you to surf at least 5 traffic exchanges simultaneously. This will optimize your time. Use a multi tabbed browser like Mozilla . If you don’t know how to design splash pages, below is the link where you can get quality splash pages for free.

The traffic exchanges can be a boon for newbies,who don’t have the skills to succeed with other more complicated traffic systems.All you have to do to get traffic from these exchanges is surf a few minutes per day and then divert the traffic to your squeeze page.
xv)The Press Release Buzz Building Machine:
Press releases is a great way to build your brand value as well as creating quality backlinks from authority sites and search engine positioning(getting no.1 ranking in google,yahoo,MSN etc).

Do press releases in two ways:
1)press releases for search engine optimization:
Optimized to get quality backlinks and improve search engine rankings.
2)press releases for media optimization:
Optimized for the media.focus on getting publicity through print media,TV and radio as well as securing interview gigs. Below,I am giving a list of 50 FREE press release sites for your convenience: Press releases are a great way to attract thousands of targeted visitors as well as improve the search engine ranking of your sites.
A well optimized press release can get you to the top of Google within hours(Press Releases are usually placed above the no.1 search result) and bring you hoards of targeted traffic. Doing press releases is no more difficult than writing articles.In fact,it is very similar to writing an article and submitting it to multiple directories. The only difference between a general article and a press release is that press releases are written in a journalistic tone.
Press releases are generally submitted by marketers,distributed by a press release service and picked up by website owners who are looking for content for their sites.Several times these releases are picked up by online magazines,newsletters ,and ezine owners who have hundreds of thousands(even millions) of subscribers.
In addition,well SEOed press submits easily(more easily than articles or videos) gets placed at the top of search results ,in their respective category and bring tons of organic traffic. The long term benefits of press releases come in form of higher search rankings and greater credibility for your sites.Several big and small companies use these releases to increase brand awareness and enhance the perceived value of their product.


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