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Once you have taken a look at search volume it is time to check the video ads mastery review .An often­overlooked aspect of blogging is a competitive analysis. It is easily overlookedbecause it is much more exciting to begin blogging and doing your own thing instead ofdoing research and analyzing other blogs. But let me give you some advice, this is one ofthe most critical steps in creating a high quality blog.With a competitive analysis you can find out a lot of things from other blogs. You canalso take your competitive analysis as in depth as you see fit.

An in­depth look at thecompetition can give you a lot of valuable information.Think about it like this:? Identify industry leaders? Ask yourself how you can be better? Ask yourself how you can deliver a better user experienceStart analyzing with a simple Google search. Searching your keywords will give you anidea of who is ranking for them and how powerful they are.I like to look at metrics including pagerank, backlinks, and more. I also find it veryimportant to take a look at the sites that are ranking and get a feel for them.Are they blogs or static html sites?Are they optimized very well?Do they look like quality sites? Are they selling or promoting anything?Strengths/weaknesses?What kind of content are they producing?How often are they creating content? Bonus tip:? There is a very cool website that lets you search for topcontent and influencers based on keywords that you type in.

They have an algorithmthat ranks the content and influencers based on social shares, pagerank, pageauthority, and more. This is a great place to look for competitors and influencers in yourniche. It can also be a great place to get ideas for content, products, partnerships, guestblogging spots, finding writers and more. Definitely make a note of this site.Here is what looking at the top content for the “golfing niche” shows: Final Stage Of Niche Research The last part of research is getting an understanding of what types of products and affiliate programs exist for the niche. This will allow you to identify what type of products are in the niche and what is profitable.

Look at competitor products, generate your own product ideas, look for voids in the market, and even look at affiliate marketplaces and affiliate programs to get an idea. When you look at affiliate marketplaces you are just trying to get an idea of what kind of products are available for the niche. This doesn’t mean that you have to monetize with affiliate products. Do this step to get an idea of what is already out there and to get potential product ideas.

Checkout affiliate networks such as Amazon's Affiliate Program, Clickbank, Commission Junction, and many more. Another great way to find affiliate programs for your video ads mastery review is Googling your main keywords along with the words affiliate program. If you niche was Mountain Bikes you would Google: Mountain Bikes Affiliate Program. Its as easy as that.

Even if you won’t be creating your own products or selling affiliate products doing this can give you a great understanding of what your audience is interested in. Which will help you create content they love when we get to that step. Homework Now that you have done all the research it is time to choose your niche. Consider all the things you reviewed today and make your decision. Also, don’t forget to consider your interests.

It is really hard to write about a topic you are not interested in so this is key. Keyword Research Introduction to keyword researchWith this being about creating an authority blog I thought it would be important todiscuss keyword research. But remember, our goal is to focus on creating the best userexperience for our audience by curating the best content to our website.

So in essence Idon't really care what keywords are on my authority blog I care about creating goodcontent.In this case we are not using keyword research to find keywords that are going to helpus rank in the search engines. We are going to be doing keyword research to come upwith ideas for great content.The first thing you want to do is brainstorm ideas and questions that people in yourniche would be interested in.So lets take an example niche.

We will use “Fitness for moms” as our example niche.So off of the top of my head I am going to list out what I think our target audience in thatniche would be interested in. And that is just a quick list of items I thought of.

And that exercise took me just a coupleof minutes and gave me a lot of great ideas that I could search for when I am looking forcontent sources and influencers in the niche. And if I really wanted to I could take eachone of those topics and Google them to come up with even more ideas.For example, at the bottom of the search results for one of my above ideas I came upwith some additional video ads mastery review.

I Googled “how to lose the baby weight” and got this: These are all searches related to my niche. I would then add those to my list as Icontinued to research. I could do this for every one of my keywords and get a ton ofgreat content ideas.And the best part about this is you are doing keyword research organically. You aren'trelying on some tool to spit out keywords.

You are finding keywords that peopleinterested in this niche would be searching for just like you are doing in your research.Want even more keyword ideas?Google your niche with the word blog after it I could then go to each one of those blog to get ideas for keywords and topics thatwould be a great fit for my audience. With one of those examples here are just a few ofthe headlines I found all of which would make great content ideas.“Top 1 0 Diet mistakes moms make”“Kitchen hacks and mom diet nutrition”“1 0 day core meltdown for moms”“postnatal core workout”And you could do this on as many blogs and websites as you wanted to get endlesscontent ideas. 

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