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Before we go any further there's something you need to know... If you have completed the steps outlined in the modules before this one, you are already a million miles ahead of most people who try to start an online business! So give yourself a HUGE pat on the
back! I'm proud of the progress you have made already and excited to get you through the next step of setting up your Auto-Responder
As if having your very own website, with your own domain name,
LIVE on the internet isn't exciting enough, here's where you learn how to set up and integrate an Auto-Responder with your site so you can start list building and begin to “automate” some of the daily process of running your business and free you some time (remember it's a lifestyle business we're building here!) Yes by the end of this module you will have the foundations you absolutely NEED to start your very own online business!
So let’s get stuck in and do this! Auto-Responders....As I have already mentioned, there's plenty out there. Some are free, some are via monthly subscription. Here's my take on them... The free ones may seem like a good idea to get you going. No cash to outlay right? Well that's true to begin with, but what you will find is that they are free for a reason. There's always a catch somewhere down the line, and that usually takes the form of a limit to how many prospects you can store. A common cut off point is around 250 subscribers, and at this point your account either stays at that level or you change your account to a paid version. In my experience, you are better off picking one that you know you are going to be happy with from day ONE (free to begin with or not) That way you're not being caught out by expensive monthly charges once your list gets to a certain level, or running the risk of 
having to move to a new provider.
I say “running the risk” here because I don’t know which providers allow you to import a list from another company and which do not. So there is always a risk of losing your subscribers by moving, or having them dotted around in different accounts here and there,
and that's not a good way to run your business! At this stage I would normally be recommending the company I personally use which is Infusionsoft, but I’m not going to right now. Don't get me wrong, Infusionsoft is nothing short of AWESOME but it comes at a price and for many people who are just starting out, it may be too large an investment at the beginning.
It would be wrong of me to assume that’s the case though, so if
you do want more info on Infusionsoft and why I use it over and above any other auto-responder system, then I would be happy to tell you more. For the purpose of this course though, I am going to use the company I first started out with and still use for some of my
marketing, which is video ads crash course 3.0 reviewThey have an immaculate track record, excellent support and video training on their website so you know exactly what you’re doing!
Their email delivery has one of the highest success rates in the market and they offer built in spam filters to check that the emails YOU personally write to send out, don't break any anti-spamming
laws or end up sitting in someone's spam / junk folder never being opened and read.
They also offer a FREE trial for the first month, so you don't have to outlay any cash to try them out! So...if you want to give them a go simply visit 
video ads crash course 3.0 review to take them up on their Free 30 day trial... Once you get to the home page just click on the the Green button
offering the Free trial. When you have done this you will be taken to the following page…

You have three options for payment… Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Again there is a saving if you commit to more than a month, but if you can’t outlay the cash then just opt for the monthly plan at $19 And don’t worry, this won’t kick in till after the 30 days are up and
your initial month is Free!
Fill in the rest of the details below including your billing details and then click “I agree. Complete my order” There….you’re done! Now you can access your Auto-Responder account! I recommend having a good look around to become familiar with it and the different features. The basics of what Aweber allows you to do are as follows:
Create a “Webform” which enables you to capture name and email address details of your prospects, and therefore start to build that all important list. Create email follow up or “Legacy” campaigns and manage when they are sent out and in what sequence. This allows you to build a relationship with your list on autopilot! Send out “Broadcasts” which are individual emails covering a particular subject or maybe an offer that you want to tell your list about. Track data on all emails sent out to see how many people opened them and clicked on your links etc. It’s an AMAZING piece of software and has served me well in my
online business. The reason I added Infusionsoft to my arsenal is that it does all the above but SO much more and as my business progressed and changed, I needed something that could support it's growth and changes along the way. That being the case, if you would like some further 
video ads crash course 3.0 review on what is going to serve you and your business best, please feel free to contact me for some advice before you decide on who you use and I will be happy to help you.
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