VidEntice Review – The First Direct Video Call-to-action Maker Ever

VidEntice Review – The First Direct Video Call-to-action Maker Ever

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Other times I just flat-out forget to do important videntice review ... I mean recently I completely forgot a key part of my marketing strategy, which is to pre-launch things like a forthcoming video or blog post, and the more you get to know me, the more of my content you consume, the more you'll see mistakes - and maybe you'll learn from those too. We all have flaws that we tap into.

Think about the ones that are relevant to you and how they can be applied to your audience, match them up. When people see that you're not perfect, they can relate to that because they're not perfect either. Now, next up we polarity A common problem I've seen is the desire to remain neutral and an unwillingness to rock the boat. Most people want to be liked by EVERYONE..

but this only results in a boring, unremarkable and forgettable experience for your audience. When you're trying to please everyone you end up reaching noone. So instead, share your opinions on the issues that matter, and own them. Take a stand for what you believe in. Your aim here is to split people in three groups; the people who agree with you, the people who are neutral and the people who disagree with you.

You'll attract haters, but you'll also create raving fans in the process. To find your opinions, start with the things you care about. For me, I care about making sure my students get the best possible information, at least the best that I'm capable of producing for them, so they can get the results they want. And as a result I'm incredibly selective about the types of people that I allow to access my students.

I don't allow people that I don't know or trust to communicate with my students because I don't want anybody I can't personally recommend to pitch in front of my students, regardless of what kind of commision they offer me for the privilege. I cannot be bought like videntice review  and I don't care who I offend in the process of refusing their offer.

This is evident by the fact that I absolutely refuse to deal with anybody from the sleazy world of the 'get rich quick' scams that are lurking everywhere in the digital marketing industry. And yes, I do call them scams because if anybody is promising you results, when they don't know your precise skills, motivation, determination or experience - and even if they do know that stuff, it's still virtually impossible to make any kind of guarantee.

These people prey on the ignorant and the vulnerable, they peddle lies most frequently to the people who need money the most, but have the least to spend. That's my belief, and it's unshakable. And yes, it upsets a lot of people, but the people who know me, then ones who value my content and support what I'm doing, they are the voices I listen to, they're the only ones who matter and that makes haters irrelevant.

So when you overcome the reluctance to, or even fear of offending people, you open yourself up to people who will absolutely become your raving fans and buy your products. Vulnerability is sometimes hard to define and this is an element that I’ve never heard a marketing expert talk about, but it allows us to connect with people in a deep way.

In fact, if you’ve followed everything I’ve showed you so far, you will already be displaying your Displaying vulnerable is having the courage to take a risk, to say something without being sure of the reaction. Vulnerability is not knowing if we’re good enough. Thinking we might not be good enough to make more money, to lose weight, to end an addiction. Look at your audience and think about their vulnerabilities.

Whatever it might be, draw out the aspects of your personality and match them to your audience. You can use all previous elements to display your vulnerability and weave it through your backstory, into your parables, you can use it to highlight your flaws and use it to polarize.

Your 'admirable spokesperson' will have felt vulnerable, but summoned up the courage to take a risk, and then see it pay off An example I can give you… when I first started out, I didn’t have a choice in becoming a lone parent, but I DID have a choice about how I wanted to raise my son. My options were, continue working 9 to 5 for a digital marketing firm while somebody else looks after my son during the day.

Or I could leave that career and make sure he’s raised properly. Obviously I chose the second option, and that involved taking a huge risk… and eventually it paid off, and turned out to be the right decision, even if there were a few bumps in the road along the way. I was in a vulnerable situation, and had to work hard to get out of it.

So here you can see how previous elements come into play. Ok, great. Let's leave things here for the moment and carry on in the next module, where you're going to learn the four types of 'admirable spokesperson' you can use to build a fantastic, and profitable relationship with your videntice review


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