VidEngagr Review – The Ultimate Promotional Video Marketing Platform

VidEngagr Review – The Ultimate Promotional Video Marketing Platform

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You can work with them for any future events and they refer to you throughout the year sending more business your videngagr review . A roundup post works the same way ­ it’s an article that’s a collection ofanswers from a bunch ofauthorities in your niche. When you have a new site, nobody knows you. You’re a nobody in your niche. It’s difficult to speak with authorities in your niche.

It’s even more difficult to ask them for favors. But with a roundup post, you’re doing them a favor ¡ you’re giving THEM the spotlight. Here are the basic steps ofdoing a roundup post: 1. Do keyword research, and find something you would like to rank for. 2. Come up with a good question that fits in with that topic. 3. Make a list of authority figures, contact them and ask them the question. 4.

Post all answers into an article, and hit publish. 5. Let the authority figures know the post is live, and ask them to share it with their audience. A lot of bloggers and niche site owners are doing roundup posts these days. But most of them do it wrong. They get a fraction of the results that they could be getting by doing it the right way.

You have to remember the whole point of doing a roundup post: It’s to get infront of the audiences of these large authorities in your niche. Some of which will have hundreds of thousands of readers… maybe even millions. So let’s just dive in with step 1 and I’ll explain things along the way. The cool thing about doing a post like this is that it’s an extremely linkable piece of videngagr review. Meaning… it’s easy to build links to.

So the first thing that we want to do is to pick a keyword to base our content around. Let’s say that we’re in the personal finance niche. I’ll simply just go into Google’s Keyword Planner, and do some digging around. For a roundup post, we have a little bit more oomph behind our content since it comprises of tips from the biggest authorities in our niche.

So we can get a little bit more aggressive with it and go after more competitive keywords than we’re used to. Here’s a good one from the list: Now that we have our topic and title, we need to come up with a question that we can ask to the influencers we’re going to contact. The question should be simple, and specific enough so that they have a clear answer but broad enough to give them freedom to expand.

Make sure that it’s not just a yes or no type of question. So a good one for our example would be something like: What’s your best tip for someone who wants to save money for the future? Put some thought into it and make assumptions at the types of answers that you’ll receive.

With this one, it’s broad enough that I can ask the question to a bunch of people and they’ll all give different answers. Another good question to ask would be: What’s the biggest (and most common) mistake that you see people making in regards to saving for their future? And that’s all that’s needed for step 2. Let’s move on. STEP 3: Make a list of authority figures and contact them Now it’s the fun videngagr review ¡ getting in touch with influencers. 


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