Videlligence Review - The World’s FIRST Artificial Intelligence Software

Videlligence Review - The World’s FIRST Artificial Intelligence Software

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The WordPress/DIY eCommerce Site Creation While this is the most labour intensive approach to getting your online store set up, it is also the cheapest and offers the most powerful platform in terms of customization in the long run. Even if you do decide to go for Shopify, I highly recommend you also set up a videlligence review as well.

It’s incredibly easy if you following these steps: 1. Sign up for a Hosting Package (I recommend the Business package) at Click HERE TO SIGN UP. 2. Install WordPress following my tutorial located here. 3. Install WooCommerce, following my tutorial located here. 4. Install a new theme for Woo Commerce, following my tutorial here. …And you’re all done.

Now it just remains to populate the site with products! Choosing a supplier When it comes to choosing someone to produce your t-shirts we have two options. Either use a service such as Spreadshirt which offer the printing and dispatch of t-shirts built into their platform, or find a third party ‘videlligence review’ supplier. I highly recommend searching around for a third party supplier/dropshipper.

They will be able to offer you much better prices and therefore a better profit margin on each of the shirts you sell. Below I have listed my recommended supplier depending on what part of the world you’ll be selling your wares. This is perhaps the most important step of setting up a successful t-shirt business. Get this right and you’re looking at making tidy bank.

That said, don’t sweat it. The beauty of this business is that you don’t carry any stock and therefore there’s practically no risk involved. If one niche you pursue doesn’t sell, don’t worry, just chalk it up to experience and move onto the next one. We want to focus on both quality AND quantity. I usually try to work in ‘Tens’ and I recommend you do the same. We’ll identify 10 niches and get 10 shirt designs on videlligence review.


Even if just one of them sells well, we’ll still be making good dollar and can rinse/repeat the process with ease. Brainstorming niches When initially coming up with ideas – DO NOT OVERTHINK IT. I cannot stress this enough, too many people get struck by inertia for fear that they won’t be able to think of the perfect niche off the bat. 


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