Viddyoze Live Action Review – Empowering Your Video Marketing with 3D Animation

Viddyoze Live Action Review – Empowering Your Video Marketing with 3D Animation

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 Offer viddyoze live action review of ValueNow is not the time to offer that dusty resell rights book that your customer couldpick up somewhere else for totally free. Instead, offer something more unique with ahigh perceived value. You want this upsell/downsell to help push people towards thebuy button – not away from it! How Do You Create an Upsell/Downsell?Now you know what kinds of upsells/downsells will help boost conversion rates, solet’s look at how to create them.

Understand What Increases Perceived ValueIf your upsells/downsells have high perceived values, usually you’ll end up with higherconversion rates.So what increases the perceived value of a product? Here are some of the mainfactors: • Videos and live events tend to have higher perceived values than audio or textproducts. • Services, support, consulting, and coaching tend to carry a high perceivedvalue. • Apps and software often carry higher perceived values than informationproducts.

• Physical (shippable) products usually carry higher perceived values than digital(downloadable) products.Let’s imagine you’re selling a weight loss guide. A relatively low-value bonus wouldbe to simply offer another report. A higher-value bonus would be an app or access toa support/motivation forum. Offer Something You Can Distribute EasilyWhile physical products do have a higher perceived value than digital products, ittakes time, expense, and effort to ship them. (Unless you’re using a third party printon-demand and fulfillment service.) So, you might decide it’s easier to offer a digitalproduct.Offering coaching or other services leads to your spending your time fulfilling thoseadd-on obligations.

That’s why you’ll want to offer premium upsells/downsells likethese on a very limited basis. Create Your Upsells/Downsells QuicklyYes, it can be time consuming to create upsells and downsells, especially if you’recreating all of these items from scratch, but that’s not the only way to create them.

U s e P L R ( P r i v a t e L a b e l R i g h t s )This is one of my favorite viddyoze live action review for creating upsells and downsells fast. Justremember that choosing quality PLR is a must.Here are my top choices for buying the kind of PLR that you can use to createexcellent upsells and downsells: • – This is MY PLR shop, and it features coloring packs,puzzle packs, and activity packs. • – This is PLR created by the InternetMarketing Master himself: Jimmy D. Brown. • – Alice Seba’s PLR Site, whichfeatures both individual packs and membership options. • – Ronnie Nijmeh’s PLR Site, which has awide range of products and subscriptions from which to choose.

O u t s o u r c e If you can find (or get a recommendation for) a competent freelancer, you canoutsource the work. Just keep in mind that like PLR, you generally get what you payfor, so don’t skimp on cost or you’ll “pay” with poor quality results Insert Additional Offers in Your Upsells/DownsellsDon’t forget your upsells and downsells are an opportunity for you to make evenmore sales, so insert affiliate links and additional related offers into them.

For example, if your bonus is a meal-planning app, then create an offer for a set of meal plans and recipes that are designed to help the individual achieve a specific goal (such as lose weight). Or, find someone else who’s already done that, and get an affiliate link. The Bottom LineYour upsell/downsell should make the main offer easier and/or get customerssucceeding and profiting faster, which will make them want to click your buy button A lot of product creators spend weeks or months creating their product, and thenthey spend just a minute or two coming up with a title for it.

That’s a mistake.One of the keys to a successful product is having an attention-getting, intriguing title! Brainstorming Product NamesYour first step is to come up with as many titles as possible. What follows aretemplates and examples you can use to help you brainstorm.

15 Templates for Product Names You Word-Combine to CreateThese are the kind of titles you get after combining two words to create a new word.For example, combining “Earn” and “Income” gives you Earncome – and that’s a reallife example that you can see at • [Keyword] 2.0 o Example: Dog Training 2.0

• [Keyword]ology o Example: Golf + ology = viddyoze live action review  • [Keyword]osophy o Example: Fishing + osophy = Fishingosophy • [Keyword]tastic o Example: Niche + tastic = Nichetastic • [Keyword]onomics o Examp These templates are a start, so use them to kick off your brainstorming session – thenkeep going by brainstorming as many other titles as you can think of.The more titles you come up with, the more likely it is you’ll hit on the right title toreally appeal to your market.

Testing Product NamesOnce you’re done with your initial brainstorming, then you’ll want to pick out thebest titles and test them. TIP: You can pick out the best titles to test yourself, but it’s a better idea to bring in a small focus group to help you pick out the titles. Simply present them with your list, and ask them to pick out their favorite five or so six titles. Then, test the titles that multiple people chose as their favorites.How do you test? Split TestingSplit testing sounds more complicated than it is, especially if you use a reliable toollike Split Test Monkey ( you split test, you create two (or more) versions of your sales page that areidentical, with one exception: Each will use a different name for your product.Send traffic to your sales page and let your split testing tool keep track of whichproduct name gets a higher conversion rate.Rinse and repeat with all of your product names, until you’ve found the productname with the highest conversions.

TIP: Use paid advertising – such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads – to send a lot of traffic to your page fast. This lets you test product names in a matter of just a few days. The Bottom LineBelieve it or not, something as simple as your title can make or break your productsales.


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