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You would then put this report up for download behind a traffic xtractor review or lead capture page, where people would have to give you their email address and join your list in order to be able to download this report. You would then drive traffic to the squeeze page, and because your free bribe report solves a problem, the problem of which foods to eat on a diet, then people would join your list in order to download this report. You could then make money by recommending them weight loss products and services.
4. Free Bribe Types
Free bribes don’t just have to be reports either. You can put together a PowerPoint video or even a video recording you or another person. You can also provide an audio download in the form of an MP3 file. If it is applicable to your market, you can provide a free software tool or software program that would help them solve a specific problem. You can even give out a multimedia package, where you combine a report, a video, and an audio or any other combination. The more valuable you make your free bribe offer the better it will be for you in the long run. A good free bribe offer makes a huge impact on your leads. They should think themselves; “If this guy is giving this great stuff away for free, I can’t wait to see what’s behind his paid products!”
5. Solving Problems
So how do you find problems that people are having in your marketplace so that you can solve them with a free bribe offer. Well, there are two simple ways to do this. The first way is to use a question and answer site like traffic xtractor review. Here you can find questions that people are asking about a wide variety of topics. So look up your niche market using the search feature and browse to the questions. If you see the same types of questions being asked over and over again, you can identify a common problem that people are having within the niche market. The next place to look is on Internet forums and message boards. The easiest way to do this is to go to Google, and search for “[Your Niche Market] Forums.” Once you get on a forum, you can scroll through and take note of any questions that you see being asked or any people venting their frustrations. If you find a common issue that many people are having then you found a great candidate for a free bribe offer.
After you’ve found a great problem to solve, you can perform your research on Google to find a solution for the problem. Once you’ve found a solution, all you need to do is simply rewrite it your own words and format it into your desired medium either a report, video, audio, or anything else. Then, you have a great free bribe offer ready to give away. The next step would be…
Part 3. Creating A Blockbuster traffic xtractor review

After the free bribe offer, your squeeze page is the second most important part of your list building funnel. It is a squeeze page’s job to capture the name and email address of your leads and add them to your list. Your squeeze page is basically an ad for your free bribe offer. Since it’s an ad, the best way to create a squeeze page is by using traditional direct response advertising copywriting techniques. A good squeeze page has four distinct parts that make up the whole. These four parts are the headline, the body copy or video, images, and an opt-in form.

If you take a look at these pages you’ll notice that they all employ similar layouts and design elements. All of them include the headline that he grabs the attention and focuses the prospect on the benefits that the free bribe offer has. They also include body copy or video that further explains what they can expect when downloading the free bribe. They include images of the free bribe or images related to the market. Finally they all include an opt-in form for the prospect to enter their contact details and join the list.

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