Traffic Trapper Review – Highly targeted 100% free traffic on complete autopilot

Traffic Trapper Review – Highly targeted 100% free traffic on complete autopilot

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Can you imagine what traffic trapper review would be like to be the ONLY seller on a listing? Every sale that that product gets goes to you! No more worrying about pricing lower than the next guy to win the Buy Box or praying that Amazon doesn't come on the listing and price the item lower than you can source it. Have you ever used a cheat code in a video game? The kind that makes you invincible to all enemies? It may not be a perfect analogy because even with a private label product you're playing in Amazon's sandbox and they can change the rules in an instant, but when you're used to dealing with sellers that tank the price or cringing to see Amazon on your listing, private label seems like cheating. I'm not saying that private label comes without work.

I'm just saying that in my opinion it beats the heck out of all other sources of inventory. And in this book I want to show you what I feel is the easy way to do private label. 2) Replenishable As I said in this point regarding wholesale, how many times have you been to a retail store and found an amazing item that sold ridiculously well only to not be able to find it again? It's so frustrating. Private label solves this problem too.

Get your traffic trapper review selling well and all you need to do is make sure to keep ordering more. 3) Virtually Unlimited While you might not want to private label a cell phone (brand driven) or a refrigerator (too big), there is virtually an unlimited amount of product at your disposal. I'll get into what to look for and avoid when picking a product later. 4) Build your own Brand It's your brand.

You can do with it what you want. Don't limit your thinking to Amazon. Would your product be a good fit for a retail store? Get it selling well on Amazon and you might be able to get a store to carry it for you. What about having your own e-commerce website and selling your items outside of Amazon that way? I can guarantee that potential customers will be googling your brand name. If that search ends up at your website then you have another chance at making a sale without the Amazon fees.

Before I get into the easy way let me explain what I believe is the harder and scarier way to do private label. Go to and search for a product. Any product. If you have never heard of, it's essentially a marketplace that matches suppliers (mostly in China) with buyers. It's a great place to start if you intend to source from China.

Let's say you have an idea for a private label product and you search for it on Alibaba and you find dozens of potential suppliers or more. Which ones do you contact? How do you find the ones you can trust? Will they respond back? Will they require a huge minimum order? How do you overcome the language barrier? Now please don't get me wrong. I'm absolutely not the type of traffic trapper review that looks at obstacles and decides to back off. I bet you're not either.

You most likely wouldn't be reading this book if you were totally risk averse. You have your own business and that's not easy. I also do not look for reasons why something won't work. So please understand that I'm not saying that sourcing product from China is an insurmountable obstacle or is so scary that you shouldn't do it.

In fact, I have a recommendation to make sourcing in China easy. Check out chapter 17 for more information. All I'm saying is that it presents more challenges than the easy way I talk about in the next chapter. Here are some of the challenges with sourcing from China: - Trusting that you'll get what you ordered - Customs - High cost of shipping - Will the product be of good quality? Again, I'm not trying to scare you away from sourcing your product in China.

Just know that there will be some unique challenges that you'll have to overcome in order to do it all yourself. Plenty of other people have done it VERY successfully. The purpose of this book is NOT to deter you from sourcing in China. It's just to show you that I found a different way that I believe is easier and less risky, but if China is the best place to get your product then I can help you there as well. Here it is. The moment you have all been waiting for. The easy way is........

1) Find a US manufacturer (or your home country) that is already making the product you want to private label. 2) Contact them to see if they will manufacture their same exact product, but under your brand name. 3) To test out the product place an order for a small amount of their current brand and simply have them switch out their packaging and use yours or do it yourself.

That's it? Yep. That's it. Here's a link to a webinar I did with Jenni Hunt explaining just how easy Private Label can be – ( Our first product was this easy. All we have to do is take out their package insert and replace it with your own. (With their permission of course) Better yet. We didn't have to place a huge opening order. We were able to order as little as one case to get started. It really couldn't have been any easier.

This company doesn't have an official private label program, but they wanted to sell product and I was willing to buy. What's even better is that they have several products, so I can private label any of them that I want. An even easier step 1 is to find a company that already has a private label program.

There are many many companies that will manufacture their product, but put your label on it. In fact, many of them will even help you design your label or at the very least allow you to send your label and they'll attach it to their product to make it your own. My wife and I with some friends attended a Private Label Trade Show last year.

Every single one of the hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors had private label programs that were practically begging for our business. They didn't care whether we intended to sell our items on Amazon or on the street corner. They just wanted us to place orders. If you currently sell on Amazon and you've ever been to a trade show you know that not every single exhibitor welcomes Amazon sellers with open arms.


For any number of reasons, some companies see Amazon as the bad guy and don't want to sell to retailers that use Amazon. But with these private label programs, it's an entirely different story. It's your brand so they don't care where you sell. They just want to be your source. So how do you find companies with private label programs? 

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