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You can figure out how well a traffic titan review is selling on a basic level by looking at its sales rank on Amazon. When it comes to Kindle sales, the lower the sales rank, the better. Pay attention to the top five books in the category you’re most interested in. Are they ranking well?
Are The Top Five Books Ranking At 20,000 Or Lower? If the books in a particular category you’ve chosen are ranking in the hundreds of thousands, that’s not a category that’s selling very well. If the top books in a certain category are ranking under 20,000, it’s a safe bet that genre is selling pretty well. If the rankings start to get under 10,000 or 5,000 or lower, it’s even better.
Do You Have A Fair Chance Of “Beating” The Top Books In The
Category? Now, you have to consider if you can “beat” the books that are already doing well in the genre you would like to target. What kinds of books are doing well? Were they released by major publishing houses or were they self published? If they were self published, that might be an indicator that it’s pretty easy to rank well even if you are the sole person on your “marketing team.” But, don’t be scared of the big publishing houses, either. You’ll soon be savvier than they are about optimizing your books for Kindle. Also consider the style of cover, the titles, descriptions, and the other factors we’ll talk about that can lead to success on Kindle. Have the already successful books done a good job or is there room for improvement? Are they successful in spite of themselves? If so, that’s a great sign for you. If you can improve on what is already out there, and optimize your Kindle book well, your books could soon be among these high ranking, hot selling books.
Your Readers Will Tell You Exactly What They Need and Want

You can certainly follow in the footsteps of success. There are certain elements in each category on Amazon that are typical or expected in the audience. You really want to please the readers - which is why you should take a look at the reviews of the best-selling books in your category. You can get an instant read on what people like, crave, and expect to see in the books they buy in the exact category you’re going to target. But, what a lot of people forget about is to look at the negative reviews as well as the positive reviews. What have the currently popular traffic titan review left out? What do the people of this audience really yearn for but haven’t been able to find? You can fill in the blanks for these readers-- it’s a clear way to burst into the lead right away. You can take notes on what has clearly helped the top books in your category become successful as well as what they have left out. Combine what works and what people wish were there and you could have a runaway bestseller on your hands. When you think about what the people want and what they are already paying for, all you really have to do is stand in front of the cash that particular audience is willing to spend-- you’ll have a much easier time of it. It won’t be an uphill battle of you trying to get your book noticed, because there will already be a hunger for it people will already be looking for it. It will be easier to make sales and become a successful author on Amazon. Hopefully, you’re feeling really motivated right now. Grab hold of that motivation and let it carry you through. You have a really great chance of succeeding on Kindle... even if you just follow the advice you’ve read to this point. Niche selection is very important on Kindle, and it’s something many people forget about. You can’t or shouldn’t just write about whatever comes to mind. You have to make sure it’s a profitable niche first and that you have a good shot at succeeding with it.
You’re Never Married to a Category Note that you do not have to stick to one category in particular. Just like only some of your books will be the most successful, only some of your categories will be
successful. You can very easily use different pen names to publish in different categories. I do recommend that you publish in related categories under one pen name-- the more books you have released under one pen name, the better. Your books will become constant marketers for you. When a reader likes one of your books, they will go looking for your other books. You need to have somewhere for them to go after they’re finished-- you need to have something else for them to buy. Then, something else for them to buy followed by something else for them to buy. That is how you become successful as an author. Go back through the category you’re targeting. Do you notice that one author in particular has an almost obscene number of books published? Are these books high quality with a high number of reviews and low sales rankings (low meaning better, remember)? You really should study that author and emulate them with your own style, spin, and work. For now, choose one category and plan three titles within that category. After you complete those titles and have them published, you can move around a bit and test different things out. Sometimes, it keeps things fresh if you’re in more than one category. Unless you’re extremely passionate about a topic, you’ll probably want a little break in between your sets of three. I also want to mention that, as exciting as it can be to follow the money, you really should choose topics or genres you are interested in. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your topic. You really should like it, have at least a little bit of knowledge about the topic, and have a thirst for learning more. If it’s a fiction genre, then it’s probably best if you already like to read that type of fiction, though it doesn’t always work that way. The only really important traffic titan review is that you’ll have enough passion for it, or at least enough of an attention span, to push through until you are successful with that topic. Writing and publishing for Kindle allows you to be your own boss, so you may as well have fun with what you’re doing!
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