Traffic Titan 2.0 Review – A tool that helps drive traffic insanely

Traffic Titan 2.0 Review – A tool that helps drive traffic insanely

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Are you searching for a way to drive more free traffic? My Traffic Titan 2.0 Review will show you how to do that in a blink of an eye.


As a marketer working on JVZoo and ClickBank, I do invest a lot of money and time in traffic. The more traffic I get, the more profitable my business becomes. However, innovations occur every day, which means it is harder and harder for me to find the right keyword, to rank, to draw backlinks in order to get more sales.

One of the ways of doing all of those tasks is to drive free traffic from Google by leveraging YouTube. Due to the huge database of YouTube, your content becomes unique and interesting.

Traffic Titan is a product that can help you do that. Within one single dashboard, it can provide every service you may need to run the whole business. The first version of Traffic Titan has been launched recently which is a huge success. And now the vendor is releasing the second version. Let’s find out what’s new in my Traffic Titan 2.0 Review.

What is Traffic Titan 2.0?

Traffic Titan 2.0 is the updated version of Traffic Titan – a tool that combines everything you need to have to find niches, keywords, build sales and create videos to drive free traffic from YouTube and Google. There is completely no risk of useless backlinks or uniform content.

This is a wonderful tool for marketers who work on ClickBank, Amazon, and JVZoo. Traffic Titan 2.0 is designed to help you earn more profits in a smart way. Let’s find out who has created it in the next part of the Traffic Titan 2.0 Review.

About author

Traffic Titan 2.0 was created by a wonderful marketer – Christ and his friend Ken. They have worked in the industry for so long and have earned a fortune of more than $20 million from ClickBank. The first version of Traffic Titan has been a huge success in the industry. This has encouraged the two marketers to develop the second version with more advanced features.

Feature details

Traffic Titan 2.0 Review is compared to a cheat sheet that works in any niche. The tool consists of these tools:

Keyword Titan

This is a keyword research tool that allows you to find uncompetitive keywords in more than 100 affiliate and e-commerce niches.

Niche money

A niche keyword database that owns more than 1000s of buyer keywords.


Create image slides for JVZoo and ClickBank affiliate programs.


This tool can create videos that can rank high on YouTube. It takes about some minutes to finish a video.


Domain Name Research Tool that can run over 100 searches in a click to get the most suitable name.

Titan WP Theme

The theme is totally customizable which means you can edit any element inside to suit your business need.

Site DB

This is a huge database of traffic opportunities from big names such as JVZoo, Facebook, and Google AdWords.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your niche

Use Niche Money to find the exact niche that can get you more than a thousand per day. There are about 100 affiliate and e-commerce niches for you to choose.

Step 2: Find keywords

The tool will do this automatically and give you the best results. Click export to make money immediately.

Step 3: set up a campaign in one minute

Choose an affiliate program and create a video to promote. With Website2Image, you just have to choose a program, create slides and export the campaigns. And it’s done.

Step 4: Create videos in one minute

With Image2Video, you will have a complete video only within a minute

Step 5: Free traffic starts to come

Domainaveli and Titan WP will be in charge by registering your domain and create an authority affiliate site. The goal is to get as much traffic from Google as possible.

Step 6: Explode traffic

Scale up your business by using Site DB.

That is how Traffic Titan 2.0 helps you drive traffic automatically within one single dashboard.

Who should use it?

Marketers who usually work on JVZoo, ClickBank and need as much traffic as possible, Traffic Titan 2.0 is a product that they should definitely try out.

As you can see in the previous part of my Traffic Titan 2.0 Review, the whole process is broken down into small steps to make it easy to follow and practice. With the help of many software inside Traffic Titan 2.0, I can guarantee your job will be much less challenging.

Pros and cons


·        Comprehensive

·        Effective

·        Smart and thorough


·        Not quite suitable for newbies who know nothing about the business

Traffic Titan 2.0 Review – Evaluation and Price

I guess you would be surprised to know that the whole package is only $7 – too cheap for such an incredible set of tool. This is indeed a real deal you should never miss out on.

I do hope my Traffic Titan 2.0 Review would give you a new look about the product. Traffic Titan 2.0 is worth a try if you want to make a big leap in your career. Visit the sales page 
Thank for following till the end of my review. Goodbye!

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