Traffic Studio Review – Create a Landslide of Traffic to Your Sites

Traffic Studio Review – Create a Landslide of Traffic to Your Sites

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Welcome to Lazy ECOM Explosion. In this traffic studio review I am going to be showing you step-by-step how to set up your own online retail store using the Shopify platform. I will also be covering how you can use the same dropshipper I am using to find products to sell in your store, get them fulfilled and make great R.O.I. all without ever having to own inventory at your house and without ever having to touch one of these items by hand.

I will also show you how to set up Facebook ads the exact way that I do it. It is the method the allowed me to do over $10,000 in my very first Shopify store the very first month gives me 100%-500% ROI daily. I have designed this blueprint for you to be able to do yourself or share with a virtual assistant to do for you.

Everything is laid out very simply with step-by-step screenshots to traffic studio review you along the way. I hope after going through the guide you are able to put it into play and see results very soon in your own store, just like I did. I am giving you the exact methods that worked for me and still work today, let’s go.How to sign up for a platform to run your Online Store You will need to sign up for a platform to sell your products on.

By far Shopify is the best and easiest to use platform out there. It is the same platform I use and I will be breaking down step by step how to set up your online store using this one. Step 1: Sign up for Shopify, click here Enter your email address and password. For store name, I would suggest you use a general store vs a niche specific store.

Example, if you see Amazon, they sell everything from dog chew toys to computers. So instead of say selling hamster only products, you have a store that sells hamster toys, shoes, i-pad cases and more. This way if you do a general store, you are opening your store up to a wider audience, sure they will come to buy your hamster toy, but then may also see a bracelet or coffee mug that they want as well.

Niche stores can do well, no doubt about that, however there have been studies that when running traffic to a niche store only vs a general store that sells everything, the general store has shown to give higher ROI and dollar per sale , etc. So for naming your store, again go with something that would be generic, such as Storeville. There is nothing in the name that suggests you only sell one item or cater to just one specific audience.

I see this mistake frequently when people would name a traffic studio review after a city or town. Example they will name their store San Francisco Soccer Supplies. So what happens if they want to expand into another location, are they going to name the store Las Vegas Soccer supplies there, when they have already built a brand around San Francisco Soccer supplies? Keep your name general, try to get a catchy and cool name people will remember.

For the name of your store at this point, they will just provide you with a generic url such as: You wont be using this for your actual store url, but it’s required in the beginning. I will talk more on this later. 

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