The Commission Code Review – Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

The Commission Code Review – Affiliate Marketing Made Easy
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Now that you've read the the commission code review you have a foundation to
starting a profitable ecommerce business. In addition to that, I want to introduce
you to another method that will get you even more products, to make even more
sales, and make you even more money. It's called Retail Arbitrage or sometimes
referred to as Retail Flipping.
So what is Retail Arbitrage exactly?
Well, essentially it's when you can locate a physical product that you can buy for
cheap and then resell online for a profit. It's very similar to the method discussed
in the Azon Arbitrage Blueprint except instead of sourcing our product online, this
time we are going to be actively searching for profitable products in our local
area. This is usually done by scouting department stores for sales and clearance.

Department stores offer sales every day of the year and almost always have
clearance sections where you can find 
the commission code review marked down, 20%, 50% and
even 70% off. Many times these items can be purchased for a huge discount and
then resold online for full price! It's a great way to make a profit and you can start

on any budget! Plus, there are so many products on sale that you will never run
out of things to sell! This is the basis of retail flipping, it's an extremely fun and
exciting way to make some great money and grow your ecommerce business.
So how do we get started? Well I'll start off with the basics of locating profitable
items, then we'll talk about how to list these items through Amazon-FBA, so we
can sit back and let Amazon do all the hard work for us. Then I’ll talk about a few
success tips that every seasoned retail flipper should know. So let’s get started
with the basics!
Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account:
First-things first, we need to setup our sales platform and app so we can go out
and scout for profitable 
the commission code review.
Amazon-Seller-Central is the sales platform for Amazon. Within the platform,
sellers can create/organize sales listings, view their inventory, sales orders and

account balances. Seller central also offers an array of useful tools and statistics
for sellers.
You can either sign up as a Professional Seller, or an Individual. Individual
accounts are free but you’ll pay $0.99 cents for every product you sell in addition
to Amazon’s fees. Pro Accounts are $39.99 a month but you don’t have to pay the
$.99 cents for every sale and you’ll get many additional useful tools and metrics. If
you’re just starting out the individual account will be just fine. As soon as you
start selling more than 40 products a month, it may be in your best interest to
switch to a Professional Account.
Once you’ve signed up for your account you’ll be taken to the sellers’ dashboard.
This is where you control your inventory and orders. I’ll explain in detail later how
to list items within seller central.

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