SyndRanker Review – Tons of free targeted traffic with double clicks

SyndRanker Review – Tons of free targeted traffic with double clicks

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 An important follow up action once you make any changes to your pinnable syndranker review or descriptions is to blast the new & improved pin into Pinterest. The easiest way I know how to do this is with Tailwind. Their interval scheduling feature is perfect for this. Once your pin is ready (I always create a new pin instead of updating an old one), you can schedule it out to all relevant boards in intervals over time.

I usually space them 2 days apart for quick results. If you use the same boards over and over, you can also set up Board Lists within Tailwind. Example: Let’s say I just updated my 52 Week Money Saving Challenge pin. I would first pin it to my blog board, and then this is what it looks like to schedule out this new pin every 2 days to the boards I’ve grouped together as “Budgeting” boards in a Tailwind list: I hope you enjoyed this guide on effective income boosting strategies! I found that when I focused on these actions instead of other things that didn’t matter, my income could increase while I worked less overall.

In order to work less yet have time to learn about & implement these strategies, I had to start saying no to lots of things in order to make time to focus. For instance, I couldn’t participate in a blog post hop with blogging friends because their content didn’t play into my reader’s needs. I also couldn’t write some of the posts I wanted to write because they weren’t truly helpful.

I’ve been SO guilty over the years of writing posts that are more for my benefit (to share my opinion) than anything else. I also turned down lots of sponsored posts because although the instant revenue was nice, it didn’t contribute to my long term goals. Other things I’ve dropped: >> Reciprocation threads of any kind (exception: to boost a high performing pin, I’ll give it to my VA to put in a reciprocation thread) >> Live pinning on a set schedule. I rarely live pin anymore.

(I use Tailwind exclusively now and have started looking at Board Booster as a complement) >> Posting regularly to Facebook (my ideal customers are NOT on my Facebook fan page looking for my solutions) >> Twitter (same reasons as Facebook…my ideal customers are stay at home moms and not likely to be hanging on Twitter unless they’re also bloggers) Basically I’ve dropped a lot of busy work! And it’s been so freeing. These 7 strategies are just the tip of the syndranker review.

I have over 15 MORE written down that I am putting together in a full course on this topic. It’s going to take me a few months because I don’t want to stress myself out about it. I’m taking my time and fitting it into my normal work week. Because this guide was meant to be a precursor to my course, you will receive a $47 credit toward the full course when it’s ready.

(You get the full $47 credit even if you purchase this guide at the $27 presale price!) :D My tentative launch date for the full course is August 2017 (after my kids go back to school, but in plenty of time for you to implement the strategies before the holidays)! I will keep you updated on this. The new course will not only include practical strategies like the ones here but we will get super strategic with income projections and I’ll show you how you can scale up your blog income like I would grow a business as a CPA. The course is part practical strategies, part mindset shift. I think you’ll love it.

I’m planning on creating a mastermind community to go along with syndranker review. I don’t want to just give you a bunch of strategies without context and walk away. We will work through them together, and I’ll help you figure this out along the way!


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