SyndLab Review – The Best Way to Improve Your Web Syndication

SyndLab Review – The Best Way to Improve Your Web Syndication

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Now it’s time to get some traffic. And we’ll mainly be focused on syndlab review because with solo ads you can get a huge burst of traffic overnight. And you only need a measly $15 ? $20 to get started. :?) And this is money well spent because you are building a huge money?making asset for yourself ? a LIST. An email list is as good as money in the bank. So don't be afraid to spend a little money to make 10x more.

Now if you're not sure what Solo Ads are let me break it down for you. There are packages of ‘clicks’ that come in sizes of 50, 100, 200 and all the way up to 10,000. You're basically paying someone who already owns a list and to send ‘clicks’ to your squeeze page. That’s pretty much it. And because it’s that simple, you can begin generating commissions within minutes of putting this report down.

But there are some traps I’ve seen people fall into time and time again…So follow these rules, and you’ll be fine :?) Rule #1: ALWAYS send your traffic to that lovely squeeze page I just showed you. Not to your blog. Not direct to your offer. ONLY to your squeeze page. We’re building your list first, then selling the CPA offer. Rule #2: Be Consistent. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending $15, $100 or $1,000 per day ? as long as you’re doing something to grow your list.

A bigger list = more sales. So where can you buy Solo Ads from? Before I tell you where I buy my Solo Ads from, a word of warning… You should always do your due diligence. Sadly scammers lurk everywhere so always check their testimonials and profile to make sure they are the ‘real deal’.

Sound good? :?) The first place is the Warrior Forum ‘Classified Ads’ Section. You can ALWAYS buy Solo Ads from here. But remember… always do your research before buying. A great place for that is the ‘SOLO ADS TESTIMONIALS’ Facebook Group. All you need to do is type the name of the person you want to buy ads from in the search bar in the top right corner ? and chances are, if they’ve written testimonials for other people, they’re a good seller themselves Step 4: Email Marketing Now it’s time to start emailing your new subscribers daily hot offers… I like WarriorPlus and JVzoo is because they are INSTANT commission platforms… which means you get your money as soon as someone buys.

NOTE: But keep in mind that the majority of vendors won’t give you instant commissions until you’ve proved yourself with at least 25 sales… but that won’t take long at all. So don't let that stop you. Both of these platforms also have a ‘top sellers’ list where you can find what people are buying right now. This means you can promote ONLY the offers that are selling well. This syndlab review flat out works.

And you now know the exact steps you need to take to start making money online. Let’s do a quick recap… 1. First you build a simple 2?step squeeze page (and you now have one of the highest?converting pages around.) 2. Pick a CPA offer from Cash Network to set as your "thank you" page after your visitors fill out the 2?step squeeze page.

Or you can also pick a warriorplus or jvzoo offer as well and set that as your thank you page. 3. Then we simply drive traffic using Solo Ad clicks from top rated solo ad vendors. 4. And as a final bonus step, we simply start sending our list to proven high?converting offers on WarriorPlus and JVZoo. Simple.

These 4 steps alone can make your income explode. Oh and I'm not done yet... [Case Study] How I Made $16,694.25 in 70 Days Step 1 : Pick a CPA Offer I always like to test out new CPA offers, so when a new one came online called Millionaire Mentor... I had to try it out. Step 2: Build A Squeeze Page I threw up the same 2?step squeeze page I always use (the one I gave you) and ‘tweaked’ the headline to pre?sell Millionaire Mentor.

Remember, our aim is a 35% or better conversion rate. Step 3: Send traffic And of course, the traffic I sent was from solo ads. Yep, just like I’ve already showed you. I bought the Solo Ads and in just 70 days, I made 120 sales worth $100 each… That’s $12,000 of cold hard cash straight into my pocket Not only that...

I was also able to add THOUSANDS of new subscribers to my list that I can now leverage to any other offer I like. Here’s the raw numbers (and don’t worry if you can’t spend as much as I do on Solo Ads… just be consistent): Over a 10 week period (70 Days) $300 per week spent on Solo Ads ($3,000 Overall) That’s about 857 clicks per week (8571 Clicks Overall) 428 subscribers added per week (4,280 Total Subscribers Added) 12 sales @ $100 each per week (120 Sales @ $100 Overall) So from that funnel alone my net profits were $9,000.

And of course I continued to market to my new syndlab review to make even more... which brings us to Step 4 ?? where I made even MORE profits.

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