SyndBuddy Review – How to create high recurring commissions

SyndBuddy Review – How to create high recurring commissions
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First of all, not every product needs to cover every single topic in your syndbuddy review . If you were putting together a complete course with multiple hours of training then yes that product will probably cover the majority of your target niche. And that type of product should be something in your funnel in the future. It should cost your customers a lot of money and should be one of the top tier products in your funnel. What a lot of people do there first time is write a massive cumulative ebook covering their entire topic and then they charge $7 for it. Or they record an extremely in­depth training on their topic and charge $1 5 for it.
Guys you cannot fall into this trap. Let me tell you this, there is a common misconception that a smaller product that doesn't cover everything in depth isn’t useful. But the truth is….a product can be useful if it covers a smaller topic that is part of a big topic. Look at this example. Now you could have an entire course on list building. A course that covers everything from start to finish. And this could be one of your top tier products. But from this you could have multiple front­end products that don't cover the entire list building process but cover one small piece of it. For example, you could have a small course that shows people how to setup an autoresponder and put up a squeeze page. No this product doesn't cover everything about list building but is it useful? Absolutely! People are going to get value from a course like this. No they're not going to know everything about list building but they didn't pay for that type of training they paid a small amount to get a specific bit of information. So let's recap what we learned here
First of all, products don't have to be the most in depth training to be valuable. Yes you want to have in­depth products in your funnel but those are for in the future when you create your top tier products. You also need lower level products that provide value but do not cover your topic in extreme depth. This is usually a small sub topic of the main topic. We also learned that products do not have to be perfect. Obviously, you don't want your products full of obvious errors. But at the same time everything doesn't have to be perfect. Because if you focus on perfection you will never release syndbuddy review or you'll spend way too much time creating products. Focus more on the results that people will
get from your products and less on the small minor issues such as format and grammar
mistakes. Without further ado lets get started!
Homework: Before you get started understand the big picture idea of the product creation model. This will give you a lot of clarity and motivation to keep going as you proceed through each step in this process. Also, think about what I said about setbacks. Make sure you are prepared to overcome these.
This part of the guide is designed to get your mind flowing with product ideas. Much of it is information that should get your mind moving but there are also sections that include extremely important questions you should ask yourself before choosing a product topic.
Go through this section and soak in the information and answer the questions throughout. By the time you get through this section you should have a great idea of the product you should create or possibly a group of products you can create.
Use these product type ideas just to get the creative juices flowing. When you decide your topic you will choose which format will make your product most useful for your customers. (We will get to that later in this report).
Short Report ­ Not quite extensive enough to be an ebook but a short report that solves a problem or answers a question in text format.
ebook ­ In depth guide.
Resource Guide/Tool Kit ­ A list of tools or resources to accomplish a single or group of tasks
Checklist ­ A checklist that usually lays out a process from start to finish that allows the user to check tasks off as they are completed.
List ­ A compiled list of useful information for example: A list of good solo ad sellers.
Templates/Worksheets ­ Fill in the blank templates or 
syndbuddy review  that help your customer accomplish a task or process easier.
Audio Training ­ Recorded audio lessons usually delivered in mp3 format.
Video Screencast/Over the shoulder video ­ Recorded video usually demonstrating how to perform specific tasks. These are usually “watch and follow along type videos.”

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