SyncMSG Review – A 3-in-1 System to Generate Leads

SyncMSG Review – A 3-in-1 System to Generate Leads

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Basic method 


The basic method is plain and simple. You wait till the product is live and you send a 

promotional email to your list. In this method you won't be introducing your list to the 

product until it is live and you are actually promoting it. 


The benefit of this method is that syncmsg review is easy and it still works. Yes the more advanced 

method might convert better but this method is solid at converting as well. As you do 

this for a while you will start to see what your list likes and then you can base your 

promotions off of that. 


Advanced method 


With the advanced method we are going to be sending a few more emails and build up 

some excitement for the syncmsg review we are promoting. 


Send Presell 


The first email in this chain will be our presell email. And the idea behind this email is to 

educate your subscribers of the syncmsg review and let them know that it is coming soon. You 

also want to take this time to build some excitement for the product and tap into some of  

the pain points that this product will be solving. 

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