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As you write your small survay review . This is actually when I usually do it – as I am actually creating content. I’ll get to areas where I feel like I need some additional information and I just add two more sub­points in until I feel I’ve adequately covered the topic. 3) As you review your small report. You can always add them in to sparse areas as you are looking back at your semi­completed document. Again, it’s a really good way to “improve your information W.R.I.T.I.N.G.” Which reminds me – it’s time to move on to the “n” of our acronym...
6. NEVERforget to be creative. Writing should be an enjoyable experience for both you and the person reading your finished work. If it’s a task or a chore, then you’re not doing it correctly. Writing should be adventurous, dare I say … FUN! If this is just another gig that pays the bills, then it’s time to re­evaluate things a bit. I want you to remember that “improving” your writing begins and ends with
getting the best out of you. For most of us, we give our best to 
survay review we enjoy. Listen, have fun with your small report. Never forget to be creative. Sure, you’ll be writing a lot of “technical” information (I.E. “How to do XYZ” or “50 ways to XYZ”, etc.) but that doesn’t mean it has to sound like a user manual for a digital camera. Let me quickly share five ways to inject a little creativity into your writing...
1. ACRONYMS. I love to use “acronyms”. Look no further to the very report that you’re reading for proof. I use the acronym “w.r.i.t.i.n.g.” to share 7 ways to improve your information writing. In Sunday School I once used the acronym “b.a.r.r.i.e.r.s.” to describe 8 different kinds of roadblocks we face in pursuing Godly goals. Don’t overdo it where everything is an acronym, but don’t be afraid to inject a creatively organized word into your outlining and presentation.
ADJECTIVES. That is, make up words and phrases to describe a concept that you’re talking about. Remember back to the “w” of this report that you’re reading: what did I call the different kinds of ways you can add content to your small report to make it better? I called them “content enhancers”. I made that phrase up. In one of my other information product courses I listed several places to find ideas for your own products – I called these places “idea hangouts”. Listen, this is YOUR small report … you make the rules, which means you can make up words and phrases if you want to!
3. ANALOGIES. Again, let me refer back to something I did earlier in this report. I wrote, and I quote, “I say this because if you’re a traditional writer
this may be a bit foreign to you. You’ve been beat over the head with the
MLA style 2”X4” so many times you’ve got splinters sticking out of your
head!” That’s an analogy – I’m comparing repeated instruction in style with getting head over the head with a piece of lumber. (Now that’s creative! ) Don’t be afraid to mix in creative comparisons to hammer home a point (I chose “hammer” to keep with my lumber analogy. ).
4. ATTITUDE. Reflect your own personality (as long as you’re likeable, of course…if you’re a jerk in real life, you should probably hide behind a mask when you’re writing ) in your small report. Be witty – sincere – humorous – parental – loving – sarcastic – motivational. Let people get to know you in your style of writing. And if you don’t like who you are in real life (you know, if you really are a jerk) then pretend to be someone likeable in your writing. Hint: You can pick me as a 
survay review if you want. See how funny I am.
5. ALLITERATION. Technically, I suppose if you want to be that way, technically “alliteration” is two or more words of the same word group beginning with the same letter. (I.E. apt alliteration’s artful aid) But, in

keeping with the “this is my small report and I’ll make my own rules” mantra, I’m going to stretch that definition just a bit to include grouping bulleted words together with the same first letter. Look at what you’ve just read. For the five “ways” to be creative in our writing I’ve used the following words: acronyms, adjectives, analogies, attitude and alliteration. Each of these words begin with the letter “a”. They didn’t just fall into place like that. I chose these specific words because I wanted to alliterate. Whenever possible (don’t slave hours over this!) use words that begin with the same letter when you outline sections of your small report. It’s just another reflection of your creative side. (Note: I use to find words that begin with the same letter by searching for a word with the meaning I want and then looking at their listing of synonyms to see if one is available with the beginning letter I want.) So that’s another way to improve your information W.R.I.T.I.N.G. One more to go. Last up is the “g” of our acronym...
7. GRANTan interview. Last, but certainly not least, is the idea of having someone else interview you to use as part of your small report. This one doesn’t require a lot of explanation – 1. Choose your topic for the interview. (It can even be a “sub­topic” from one of your points) 2. Choose a handful of starter questions. (These should be generalized questions about the topic of the interview to be used as a foundation for the interview) 3. Choose a person to interview you. (Provide them with the starter questions and ask them to determine 10­15 more questions they’d like to ask) 4. Choose a time and place to conduct the interview. (It can be a telephone call, a chat room, in person or even via email.) Conduct the interview. It’s that simple. Now, there’s a very good reason why I think this is a great way to “improve your information W.R.I.T.I.N.G.” and here it is
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