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Your audience does this too! So at this stock footage ultimate review, if you are paying attention, you probably just realized how truly powerful this is. People won’t be deciding to click your link or read your content… they’ll just do it. Now I’m not going to get deep into any complex psychology here… it’s just worth noting that headlines are more powerful than you are aware, and what I will share with you in this report is incredibly powerful. I’ll give you the proven techniques that are so powerful people just cannot resist clicking!
So you might be wondering one of two things…
Chris… How can I stand out with headlines? Or
Chris… I am not a good writer! What do I do? If you use this report religiously and follow it each time you prepare any content, article, advert, banner, tweet, social media post (pretty much anything you would post online) then you will find everything else significantly easier when it comes to traffic. You will be able to stand out with great headlines regardless of whether you are a good writer. I am not a gifted writer… I just learned the formulas and the psychology behind it. Then over time it became quite natural. By reading this far you are already part way there! Once you have finished you’ll have an army of headline formulas that you can use whenever you need to. Just copy, paste and tweak for your situation. Remember… a headline doesn’t necessarily need to be a single sentence on it’s own line in a big font. For the sake of simplicity, in this guide it really refers to the first text that people see. If done right it’s usually the bit that should catch people’s attention and draw them in. This could be a traditional headline, an adwords advert, the start of a social media update, the title of a page that shows in Google, or really just any text they see first. Have you even noticed that many videos, especially on Facebook, now have a headline appear at the start of a video, or even throughout the video, like this:
The fight for attention has become so fierce that a video on Facebook now needs two headlines to get people watching. To illustrate just how crazy this whole attention thing has become I have an interesting story…
Is My Grandma Too Busy To Look At Her Newborn Granddaughter For
90 Seconds? This year I had a new baby girl, and as any proud father might do, I shot a quick video to share with the family on Facebook for those that could not be there. The 
stock footage ultimate review was only just over 90 seconds long, and I did a bit of video editing to make it interesting, so had cut scenes, background music etc.
If you were a proud new grandmother it’s exactly the sort of thing you would want to watch, to be part of the moment.
The most eventful thing in the video is my son telling everyone the name of his new baby sister about 40 seconds in, and at the very end of the video the closing credits show her name. So after I post the video on Facebook, my Grandma is the first person to comment (after she figured out how to turn the sound on)…
‘Beautiful video… whats her name?’ I slap my head a little annoyed. Then my Auntie comments…
‘She’s gorgeous! what’s she called?’ I was a little more annoyed! It had taken me about an hour to create this video during a very hectic day, doing all the editing, and my family could not be bother to even watch 30 seconds of it! If they had, they’d know her name! I knew after years in marketing people can’t focus on Facebook… I know they are addicted to scrolling down, clicking the next link, and chatting to their friend. I am the same... ...But when it’s your own granddaughter! Now I am not saying my Grandma got distracted by a funny cat video instead of watching her Granddaughter for the first time… clearly what happened is as she watched the video, she didn’t stay present, got excited and had to comment and ask what her name was, before finishing watching the video.
But it just goes to show the level of impatience and distraction we have while surfing online. In fact the most common comment in response to that video is ‘what is her name?’. I realized I should have applied more of my marketing skills to this video… if I had I would have had them fully focused.
The Massive Benefits of Incredible Headlines... Before we get started, let’s check for a minute what strong headlines can do for your business...
More Clicks – Before anyone visits your website or offer, they typically need something that entices them to click. This is almost always some form of headline.
Higher Conversions – You don’t need a decade of testing like me to know that the right headline can drive a lot more sales and conversions.
Cheaper Ads – It’s been said that headlines in ads have 90% of the effect on conversions, and the right headline is critical to lowering your cost per click.
More Subscribers – If you can sell more, get higher conversions and get cheaper ads and more clicks, then obviously more subscribers will come naturally.
More Sales & icoach pro reviewSo I kind of said this already, but there is something magical that happens with more clicks, higher conversions, cheaper ads and more subscribers… it means you can afford to pay or invest more into your traffic because your profit margins are higher. So it has an exponential effect to bring you more traffic and sales, which leads to something very powerful.
Beat Your Competition – A wise man once told me that he would win in any market by making sure he could pay more per customer than anyone else. This means you need to make more profit from your customer, and a big part of being able to do that is getting higher conversions and more subscribers. If you can’t master headlines, you literally cannot beat your competition unless you are lucky and they suck at headlines too! If you do master headlines then everything else becomes infinitely easier... And this is exactly what happened for me
My History With Headlines It’s probably worth a quick mention of my qualifications when it comes to headlines so you know what I’m talking about comes from real experience and results… If you want to skip past to the meat then feel free, otherwise here’s how I gained the knowledge I’m about to share with you...
I am a testing fanatic and love to test headlines to see what gets people's attention and drive sales. I strongly my headline skills is up there in the top 5 essential skills that have grown my online business.
I’ve pulled in well over 30 million visitors to my various sites and sales pages over the years. I no longer know the number… I stopped counting at 30 million.
I’ve sold well over 100,000 units of product online as an affiliate and a vendor. Again I stopped counting at 100,000 and that was in 2012.
I 2014 I founded a PR Software company that helps the underdog get traffic, sales & exposure using our industry changing press release & content marketing distribution platform. This is my focus.
My headlines have made it to the front page of sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious and other social communities creating huge traffic bursts. Awesome headlines are critical on social media sites.
For one of my product launches the buzz was so intense on launch day it took down an affiliate network that is already used to handling millions of visitors a month.
I'm an avid reader of anything social, 
icoach pro review, internet marketing and psychology related. Four subjects which I think form the basis of creating good copy.
My headlines have been responsible for getting my sites coverage in the USA Today,, and some of the highest traffic blogs in the world including Mashable & Wired.
While my work with headlines has traditionally been in blogging, online sales, email marketing, social media and viral media I have used them successfully in PPC to achieve great results.
My headlines got you to buy this report so I am doing something right!


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