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Let’s take a step back and discuss how search engines go about fiding all this socihub review you create. Good search engines do not attempt to return the individual webpages that best match the inputted query—contrary to what seems logical. Good search engines try to provide an “answer” to the underlying question the user asks. The moment you are aware of this, you will totally understand why top search  engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo (and other search engines on the internet), use a rather complex algorithm in order to fiure out what results they ought to return after a search query has been conducted, as opposed to what might make sense to an internet marketer. The factors in a search engine’s algorithm are made up of hard factors such as the number of a website’s backlinks and maybe some social recommendations through +1’s and likes. These are typically external inflences affecting internal website links. It is also important to understand that there are factors on the webpage itself to
consider. The way a website is constructed and a variety of page elements also play a vital role in how a site captures the attention of a search engine’s “web crawler”. 
A large number of search engine optimizers are known for being professional, ethical folks…and are also known for keeping their cards to their chest…pretty closely. It does seem as if once someone fids something that works, they experiment, they concentrate, and they hope for the best result. One of the questions that website owners typically ask is “Why on earth can’t I fid my website on Google?” Have you ever found this to be the case, where you can’t fid your own site even though you purposely used the right keywords and optimized all your pages? There is no big secret when it comes to getting search engine optimization results, except to say that you have to take a customer-centric perspective. There are 3 pieces of software that are known to form the components of a socihub review, and these pieces of software are:
1. Spider
2. Index
3. Query
Those who understand what the aforementioned software does are armed with the 
basics to getting their website to the top of search engine search results.
For those who are clueless about how the search engine software work consider:
1. Spider Software
This software “crawls” the internet in search of fresh webpages in order to gather information and then include the information during the search engine indexing process.
In reality there is no actual “Spider” that goes around in search of webpages, literally or fiuratively. The Spider Software simply requests webpages from sites in the same manner as Firefox, or Microsoft Explorer or any other browser that you use in order to request web pages to show up on your personal computer or mobile device.
The difference is that Spider software does not gather images or formatting – this software is just interested in gathering links and texts, and the website’s URL from which the text and its links come. This software does not display images and it gathers as much info as it possibly can within the shortest amount of time.
Since the spider software does not collect images, it simply does not take any
notice of colorful images or Flash intros.
Right off the bat we see that you need to ensure that the images, videos or logos you use on your website are recognized by text “alt tags”, or else the Spider will simply ignore these images and this will not give you any value in the search engine results.
2. Index Software
This software was designed to “catch” every single thing that the 
socihub review can throw at it sort of like a baseball catcher, to use another corny metaphor. The Index software works by making sense of the heap of links,
URLS, and text paragraphs using what is known as an “algorithm”. Please Note: Algorithm is a complex arithmetic formula that indexes a website’s texts, pairs of words and so on. What the algorithm does is to analyze the pages
and the links for text combinations in order to determine what the webpages are “about” – what this page means, what subjects are being covered and the overall point of the page. Next, a “score” is assigned in order to allow the search engines to measure just 
how important or relevant the URLs and webpages might be to the internet
surfer who is conducting a keyword search.
While every top search engine such as Google and Bing have their very own well guarded algorithm for assigning scores (and many other search sites are actually powered by Google or Bing), they all make use of the information
collected by the Spider software. The Index software is designed to record every bit of information and make
it accessible. The Spider software takes the gathered information about a webpage and then sends it straight to the Index where the information is carefully analyzed and then stored.
For example, when a person types in the word “Cakes” into a search engine’s x, then “Query Software” goes right to work.
3. Query Software
This software is at the front end of what most people believe to be a search
engine. This software may look quite simple, but it actually presents the
outcome of the hardworking Spider and Index software.


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