SociCore Review – Find More and More Potential Customers On Facebook

SociCore Review – Find More and More Potential Customers On Facebook
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Here you need primary, secondary and socicore review. If you don’t observe this hierarchy the end result can be confusing and overwhelming.
In this example the primary image is on the left. Although the middle
image is larger, it’s gray and black duotone means the image is less
prominent and merges in with the design, drawing the eye to the image
on the right.
One of the ways to vary the colours that Live Trace automatically produces is to bring in different pallets of colours. Find out more in the second video at this link:

The designs that you can see in this socicore review are produced under the Fair
Use copyright policy. Wikipedia defines Fair Use as:
a limitation and exception to the exclusive right
granted by copyright law to the author of a creative
Based on a 1994 copyright case, Stanford University emphasizes these
points as being major factors in determining Fair Use.
Has the material you have taken from the original work
been transformed by adding new expression or meaning?
Was value added to the original by creating new
information, new aesthetics, new insights, and
When applying these factors to your own designs, be sure to make them
as original as possible. Don't just transform a photograph. Add new elements to your design such as images, backgrounds and design effects.
Never use images of celebrities in any form of advertising. Whether the
intention is there or not, the appearance is that the advert is endorsed by
the celebrity or celebrities shown in the 
socicore review.
Are you still in doubt about the legality of your designs? Look at the successful well established businesses that sell pop art designs on eBay and
Amazon. Then compare your designs with long term successful designs.
Remember that many of these designs have been seen by the celebrities
managers, lawyers and the artists themselves. Also eBay in particular is
well known for its zero tolerance of illegal items on eBay websites.

So if your designs are similar to those designs pictured you can be sure
beyond reasonable doubt that they are not contravening copyright laws.
eBay and Amazon are the two platforms you should initially sell your
prints on. They used to be evenly matched: I would sell 50:50 on eBay
and Amazon. Now it's more like 30% eBay and 70% Amazon. eBay keeps
changing its rules - and the smaller sellers always seem to get worse off.
But Amazon seems to keep getting better without penalizing their sellers.
Nevertheless selling on eBay is still successful for many print sellers. I
recommend selling at fixed prices. When you have a sufficient range of
stock, get an eBay store. It gives you greater visibility on eBay and in the
search engines.
Your prints will be brand new products that no one else is selling. Because of this you'll need to create listings on Amazon. In order to do this
you'll have to pay a subscription fee.
So build up your range of canvas designs first. Then pay a fee and list
them on Amazon. Once you've joined list the products you've already
Then continue to create and list more designs for the next month.
Just before your subscription is charged a second time, cancel it.
Why? Because you can continue selling your pictures on Amazon without
paying a monthly fee. You will only be charged by Amazon when one of
your pictures sells.


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