SociBot Review - Does This FB Automation Tool Work?

SociBot Review - Does This FB Automation Tool Work?

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Once you do that you will see you have more options. Where it says
“Start Typing The Name of A Group” just type in the letter “a”. All the
groups that you are part of that start with “a” will be shown.

Select all of them, and then do the same with “b”, and then “c”,
etc. All the way until you reach the letter “socibot review”. This takes about 2
minutes but it sure as heck is a lot faster than posting to the groups
Once you have selected all 50 of your groups, all you have left to do
is add the “Discussion Title”. I always make the discussion title the
same thing as the Title of the post.

Once you insert your discussion title, just click the “Share” button and
it will automatically post to all 50 groups. It‟s as easy as that.
When you post to all 50 groups, you are going to be receiving A LOT
of high quality traffic from LinkedIn, and as long as the content on
your blog is high quality content then people are going to be happy,
“like” your Facebook page, and comment on your site, and join your
mailing list.

Yup, traffic generation really is that easy ;).
Your homework for this chapter is to create a LinkedIn account and
fill out your profile in full, then continue joining relevant groups until
you reach 50 groups.

What‟s the 
socibot review of doing all this work if you don‟t monetize your

blog at all?!
The good news is monetization is the easiest part. There are three
main ways to monetize your blog which I will briefly talk about in this
section. However, you don‟t have to limit yourself to these three
methods, you can use your own creativity and figure out other ways
to monetize your blog.
This is by far my FAVORITE type of monetization method because all I
have to do is write the content and send the traffic. With Adsense,
you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad, this means you
don‟t have to worry about selling anything.
I place one ad text block at the top of my side, one ad text block at
the bottom of each article, and one skyscraper image ad in the
sidebar. I get VERY good click through rates with these placements.
There‟s a good chance you already know about 
socibot review
They have a huge marketplace for affiliates in just about any niche,
which is why they are so popular.
You can easily promote a few ClickBank products within each article
if you wanted to.
Amazon has a large affiliate program that has been around since
well before I got into internet marketing. The great thing about
monetizing with Amazon is the fact that once the visitor clicks on one
of the Amazon links on your site, it places a tracking cookie on their

computer. If they purchase ANYTHING from Amazon within the next
14 days, you will receive credit for it. So they don‟t even have to
purchase what you were trying to sell them in order to get credit for
the sale, pretty cool huh?
Combining Them All
There is nothing that says you can‟t combine all three monetization
methods. I personally don‟t, but it is something I have thought about
doing in the past.
If you feel like a ClickBank product would be a good fit for a certain
post, promote the product! If you feel like an Amazon product would
be a good fit for a certain post, promote the Amazon product!


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