Social Traffic Jacker Review – Autopilot evergreen traffic?

Social Traffic Jacker Review – Autopilot evergreen traffic?

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I only maintain my social traffic jacker review as a seller in order to get all the inside information thatmembership entitles me to. I recently received an email from Alibaba urging me to sign up as a GoldSupplier.The reasons they give are:

“Make buyers find you.”

“Make buyers trust you.”

“Make buyers contact you.”

“Make buyers deal with you.”Two of the main benefits of Gold membership they promise are:

“Verified by world famous Credit-reporting agency to be trustworthy company.”

“Full access to every days’ freshest buying offer.”Their verification process still only involves an onsite inspection that proves that the business isregistered and exists at the location stated. It does not establish that sellers are trustworthy.The point about “Full access to every days’ freshest buying offer” is that unless sellers become Goldmembers they don’t receive any buyers’ inquiries.This is because Alibaba made substantial changes to their listing and sales inquiry system this year, withthe only major change announced being that only Gold Suppliers would now be allowed to receivebuyer requests via the online sales inquiry form. This has notable consequences.

The most significant consequence is that product sourcing on their site is more difficult.The change is clearly directed at increasing sales of Gold Supplier badges, because free listings will gainalmost no inquiries from prospective buyers unless those buyers can find them off site. The result of thiscan be seen when conducting product searches.In many product categories, only Gold Suppliers are listed. I have conducted some searches and in onecategory I found literally hundreds of pages of listings in that single category, all of them GoldSuppliers – except one. Strangely, that one listing was the first on the page!I began filtering my search to limit results to Assessed Suppliers, and the entire listings still appeared,unchanged, although on further searching I found that there were many suppliers that were not AssessedSuppliers. So I began a further social traffic jacker review to see if there are any different filters working, and I found:

Symbols or Status Badges Used. I found a variety of these as follows:1. Gold Supplier2. Assessed Supplier3. Trust Pass4. Onsite Checked5. Authenticated and Audited (probably obsolete, but still appears occasionally.)The 3 rd, 4th and 5th are all the result of the old verification process, so it would appear that there are threetypes of suppliers: Gold, Assessed, and Verified, but most Gold Suppliers are now also AssessedSuppliers, although as I found, not all Gold Suppliers have been assessed, but that might be due to thehuge demand on the assessment companies used by Alibaba.

How Verification Works. There is absolutely no difference between the verification process for 1, 3, 4,and 5. The word Audited in 5 refers to the Onsite Audit of 4.The onsite audit involves checking that the business exists at the location given by the supplier as theiraddress, and this process is common to all 5 status badges. The verification process for all categoriesalso involves confirming that the business is licenced.

Assessed Suppliers. Suppliers, including Gold Suppliers, don’t undergo any further verification unlessthey pay to become Assessed Suppliers. An independent inspection service then carries out inspection oftheir facilities and records. The reports vary in the detail provided. SGS will usually provide the mostdetailed report.Some assessment reports run to 37 pages, and it is important that the entire report must be read to learnall the facts about the business.

Finding Plain Verified Suppliers. It is possible, but not easy, to find plain old Verified suppliers, but ifyou search for “Verified Suppliers” in the “Suppliers” option in the search bar you must add the productcategory, such as Bicycles, or Hardware etc.The search results will be limited, but will often include Gold Suppliers, thus complicating your searchto some extent.

Why Look For Non-Gold Suppliers? The answer is that almost every buyer searching on Alibaba willbe fooled into thinking that Gold Suppliers are more trustworthy, so you will be finding suppliers thatmost buyers won’t look at.

How to Contact Non-Gold Suppliers. Search for their website. Without that it will be impossible. Usea variety of keywords in your Google search. For example if the company is Heibi Pet Products Co Ltd,look for:

Heibi Janso Pet Products Co Ltd

Janso Pet Products

JP Products

Janso Products

Janso Pet

JPP Co LtdDon’t limit your search to Page 1 results. You might not find the business named until you get to Page 5or later.Carry out a free search on sites such as Panjiva, Importgenius, and Datamyne using a range of keywords.

Unverified Suppliers No Longer Listed on Alibaba, but you can look elsewhere. In my Spring 2016edition I suggested looking for unverified suppliers in order to find products that are not currently beingimported.This social traffic jacker review is no longer available on Alibaba, but it is still possible to find unverified suppliers,, and, but on the latter one finding them is not soeasy.

Due Diligence. If contacting Alibaba suppliers that are not assessed suppliers, or unverified suppliers onother sites, it is vital to research the business before making contact with them. For Google searchmethods see above under How to Contact Non-Gold Suppliers.If you can’t find any mention of them, be very wary of dealing with them. I wouldn’t deal with anybusiness that I couldn’t check out.


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